JEA Bill Payment Options

JEA logo

JEA is one of the largest electric utilities companies, based in Florida. JEA not only distributes electricity but also helps communities in becoming self-sustaining in their energy consumption by providing renewable fuel options, doing R&D in nuclear Energy and green building projects. JEA has 5 power generation facilities, transmission line that spread around 730 miles area and a distribution line network of 6,500 miles. It distributes electricity to over 420, 000 customers in Florida. JEA is not a institution or investor owned company, it is a non-profit community owned electric utility provider.

JEA Bill Pay Options

A community member using JEA services has a lot of payment medium available through which they can pay their JEA electric bills. JEA makes sure that is always striving for providing its customer the best features and services. If you are a customer of JEA, you can choose among the following option that is most convenient for you in paying your bills – Bill payment by Phone, Bill payment online, Bill payment by mail, Bill payment in-person and Bill payment through Ez pay plan.

Bill payment by Phone: Customers can now pay their JEA bill through phone by using third party payment service provider Bill2Pay. You will need to call on 1-904-665-6000, where a Bill2Pay team member will guide you in paying your bill through your Credit / Debit cards or through your Savings / Checking bank account. Bill2pay charges a processing fee of $4.95 from customers of JEA for payment of bills.

Bill payment Online: JEA customers can pay their electric bills online by visiting the website of JEA or by directly visiting the page You will need to go through registration process, which will require you to furnish you JEA electric account details along with you Email ID.

JEA Bill Pay register

A Verification mail is sent to your mail ID to verify your account. After verification, you can log in to your account and pay your e-Bill by using your credit card, Debit card, Savings account or Checking account.

JEA Bill Pay

Bill payment by mail: When you receive your paper bill from JEA each month they also send a self addressed return envelope to be used in paying the bill through mail. You can send your check or money order along with your Bill stub in this envelope. You can also send the bill payments directly to –

Post Office Box no. 45047,
FL 32232-5047.

 Bill payment In-person: JEA has three offices where you can pay your Electric bill in-person by cash or check. The addresses are

1) Highlands Square, 1108 Dunn Ave., Jacksonville.

2) Customer Business Office, 21 West Church St., Jacksonvilleand.

3) St. Johns Square, 11140 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville.

Bill payment through Ez pay plan: You can auto pay your JEA electric bills by registering for the Ez pay plan. Every JEA office has the details and forms available for applying to Ez pay plan. After your application has been processes, your electric bill will be auto deducted from your bank account or your credit / Debit card each month.

Jersey Central Power and Light Bill Payment Methods

Jersey Central Power and Light Company logo

The Jersey Central Power & Light company is a division of the First Energy Company, focusing on supplying electricity to residents in New Jersey. First Energy is one of the largest investor owned electrical system in the country.


Jersey Central Power and Light Company Bill Pay options

If you are considering requesting a new service from Jersey Central Power & Light, then you may want to know the various bill payment options available to you. You can pay your bills through any one of the following methods –

Online: You can pay for your bills online by using your credit or debit card. For this, you first need to register an online account with the company. then you can log in to your account and pay off your bills.

Jersey Central Power and Light Company Bill Pay

The online option also enables you to view your billing history, check for outage status, sign up for alerts and more. Accepted cards include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Pulse, Star, Accel or Nyse. You should have your company account number handy when making your payment. To register for an online account, visit the following webpage and click the Register Now option:

Jersey Central Power and Light Company Bill Pay register

Automatic Payment: Under this plan, you can have your monthly bill automatically deducted from your credit card each and every month. Once you set up this option, you will not have to worry about making payments ever again.

Checkless Payment: This is similar to Automatic Payment Plan except that instead of credit cards, your monthly bill is deducted from your bank account. To join this plan, visit –

Equal Payment Plan: Under this plan, your monthly bills will remain constant. The company will estimate your annual electricity bill for the coming 12 months and divide it by 12 to arrive at your monthly bill. During the last month, if you have overpaid or underpaid, your account will be adjusted accordingly.

By Phone: You can also use the company’s automate phone payment system to pay your bills. Call 1-866-569-4770 and use your credit card or debit card to pay your bills. This is a quick and easy service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mail: If you prefer to pay your bill by check or money order, you can mail them together with your payment stub to the following address –

Jersey Central Power & Light,
PO Box 3687,
Akron, Ohio 44309-3687

Payment Centers: You can also pay your bills at any company authorized payment center. To find one near you, visit the following link and simple enter your zipcode here:

If you fail to pay your bills on time, you will be charged a late payment fee at 1.5% of the amount and if any portion of that amount rolls over to the next month, an additional 1.5% will be charged. If you made check payments and your check returns, you will be charged $10 as Returned Check charge.

For any queries with regard to your payment or billing or any other matter, you can contact the company’s customer service center at 1-800-662-3115

Flint Energies Bill Payment Options

Flint Energies logoFlint Energy Cooperative is determined to providing the best services they can to their community. Whether it is with the energy the send to their community or they way they handle their customer service needs, Flint Energy is sure to be on top of their game. They provide their customer with several options for bill payment that will allow them to better manage their accounts. With all the available options through Flint, you will be sure to find the method that works best for you.

Flint Energies Company Serving Bibb, Chattahoochee, Crawford, Dooly, Harris, Houston, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Muscogee, Peach, Schley, Sumter, Talbot, Taylor, Twiggs, and Upson counties in Georgia.

Flint Energies Bill Pay Options

Online Account and E-Billing: Flint customers can pay their bill online through the member services portal. When you set up your online account you are able to view your current and past usage, make payments, sign up for E-bill, and manage all of your account profile information. With an online account, you can even set up levelized billing that allows you to budget your money better. Levelized Billing creates an average amount each month for your bill and that is the amount you will pay. No more will you be surprised when your monthly service bill arrives, as you will know already what you are going to pay. You can also sign up for E-Billing with an online account. With E-billing, you will receive your monthly statement to the email address you provide when you sign up for your online account. When your statement is ready, you will be able to view it and choose your payment method at that time. With E-billing, you will no longer have to worry about the excessive paper waste that occurs when bills are sent out each month via mail.   You will also not have to worry any longer about writing checks or buying stamps. It is completely paper free. If you would like to sign up for an online account, you can follow this steps to get started.

Flint Energies Bill Pay register

If you are an existing customer and wish to log in to your account you can log in here.

Flint Energies Bill Pay

Bank Draft: Once you have an online account set up, you have the option of signing up for Bank Draft. This method will deduct your payment due directly from the banking account that you designate. To sign up or use bank draft you must log in to your account.

Mail or Walk in Payments: Flint has several locations where you can make your payment in person. If you need to find a location that is near you visit this page for a complete list. For mail address, you can see the list below.

Flint Energies
3 S Macon St
PO Box 308
Reynolds, GA 31076-0308


Flint Energies Member Center
98 Carol Vinson Pkwy
PO Box 7089
Warner Robins, GA 31095


Flint Energies
494 Perry Pkwy
PO Box 1011
Perry, GA 31069


Flint Energies
13334 Macon Rd
Upatoi, GA 31829-0033


Flint Energies
900 Hwy 96
PO Box 6719
Warner Robins, GA 31095-6719


Flint Appliance Center
924 S Houston Lake Rd
Warner Robins, GA 31088

Johnson City Power Board Bill Pay Bill Payment Options

Johnson City Power Board Company logoJohnson City Power Board (JCPB) supplies electricity to Johnson City, Tennessee and its surrounding areas. Established in 1945, the company today serves more than 75,000 customers in the region.

Johnson City Power Board Company Bill Pay Options

The following are the various bill payment options available to a customer –

Online: Pay your bills online through SmartHub- the online payment facility offered by Johnson City Power Board. Once you register for SmartHub, you will not only be able to pay your bills, but you can view your billing history, power usage in graph format and calculate bill amounts by monitoring your usage after logging in.

Johnson City Power Board Company Bill Pay

You can pay your bill by using your credit card, debit card or e-check. Accepted cards include MasterCard, VISA and Discover. You can only pay $1000/month using your credit card. If you bill exceeds that limit, you will have to pay the remaining amount using e-check. You can register for SmartHub at the website’s sign up page.

Johnson City Power Board Co

Bank Draft: If you are looking for a “set-it-and-forget-it” payment system, this is it. Under this option, you will have to authorize the company to deduct your monthly bill amount from your bank account and that it! You will never have to go through the monthly hassles of making your payment. Plus, the system also ensure that you are never late in your bill payment, thus avoiding you any late payment charges. You will receive your bill before your account is drafted so that you can check it for its correctness.

By Mail: Customers can also send their payment via the address below. Only Checks and money orders are accepted via this method.

Johnson City Power Board
2600 Boones Creek Rd.
Johnson City, TN 37605

Budget Billing: This option is best suited if you run your household on a strict budget. Under this plan, your monthly bills will remain fairly constant. You can choose from two options – a Fixed Budget plan which will have a settlement month when you will have to make up for any extra electricity you may have used and a Rolling Budget Plan which will not have a settlement month. To be eligible for Budget billing, your account must be in zero balance. And if you have lived at you current residence for 12 months or more, it will be considered a plus point.

By Phone: If you want to pay through phone, the company also provides you that service, Just call the Automated System at 423-952-5272, choose option 2 when prompted and follow the instructions.

Payment Locations: You can also pay your bills at JCPB office or any local branch of Bank of Tennessee, Carter County Bank, First Tennessee Bank or Johnson City Federal Credit Union.

If you do not pay your bills on time, then Johnson City Power Board will charge a Late payment Fee of 5% for the first $1000 owed and 1.5% for any amount above $1000. If you know that you may not be able to pay your bill on the due date, you can request the company to offer you a flexible due date. With this option, you can change your monthly due date according to suit your cash flow.

If you have any questions with regard to payments, billing or other issues, you can contact the Johnson City Power Board customer help line at 423-282-5272 or email them at [email protected]

Kenergy Bill Payment Options

Kenergy logoKenergy is a provider of electricity in the state of Kentucky. Being a cooperative, the primary purpose of the company is to ensure reliable supply of electricity to its members. Today, Kenergy services more than 55,000 customers with about 7,000 miles of distribution power lines.

Kenergy Bill Pay Options

If you just moved into the Kenergy service area and you are thinking of applying for a new service, you might also want to know about the different payment options offered by the company. As a customer of Kenergy, you can pay your monthly electricity bills through any one of the following methods:

Online: You can pay your bills online by using the online payment facility offered by Kenergy. Once you open an online account, you can use it to pay your electricity bills by using your credit card or bank account. If you are somebody who is always busy with work and find it hard to make time to pay your bills by going to their office/payment location, then this is the right option for you. To register for an account, visit –

Kenergy Bill Pay register

If you already have an account, login to pay your bill.

Kenergy Bill Pay

Budget Billing plan: Use this plan to keep your monthly bill amount constant. this is a very suitable option for budget conscious customers. Under this plan, a customer will pay a fixed amount for 11 months. During the 12th month, the customer may be liable to pay the remaining amount in full or will be eligible for a refund, depending on their actual energy consumption. This plan is only provided for single phase accounts.

Bank Draft: This is a very simple payment method. Here the customer allows Kenergy to withdraw the monthly bill amount from a pre approved bank account. Since this is an automatic process, the customer will not have to worry about making payments every month once the system is set up. If you are looking for a payment option that has the least amount work, then this is it.

If you are unable to pay your bills on the due date, you will be charges a late payment fee at 5% of your bill amount. If you know that you might be late in paying your bill, the better option will be to contact customer service and ask them to arrange for a Partial Payment Plan. Under this option, you will be required to pay off your past dues in smaller installments over a period of time. They must however agree to continue paying their current charges each month together with the plan payments.

However, if you are going through a very tough financial situation, you can apply for energy assistance programs. The WinterCare Energy Fund is an initiative from Kenergy customers and employees aimed at assisting the people who are struggling with their bill payments. Another good program is the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP). Once you qualify their income criteria, you can be sure of getting financial assistance to pay off your bills.

For any queries regarding payments or billing, you can contact the customer care number at 1-800-844-4832 for further assistance.

3111 Fairview Dr.

PO Box 1389
Owensboro, KY 42302-1389

Jones Onslow Electric Bill Payment Options

Jones Onslow Electric logoJones Onslow is an electric cooperative which supplies electricity to the state of North Carolina. It services around 70,000 customers through its 2000 miles of service line, making it one of the fastest growing cooperatives in the United Stat



Jones Onslow Electric Bill Pay Options

The different payment methods offered by Jones Onslow to its customers include –

Online Bill Pay: The online bill payment solution is a simple, fast and accurate service through which you can pay your monthly electric bills using your e-check, VISA or MasterCard. To use this service, you will need to register for an online account. And then you can pay your bill through the account anytime you want by simply logging in.

Jones Onslow Electric Bill Pay

You will also be able to view your billing history and your electric usage for he past 12 months. To register an account, visit –

Jones Onslow Electric Bill Pay register

Bank Draft: This option is the simplest payment method you can use. Once you arrange for your bill amount to be withdrawn from your bank account each month, you will never have to think about making time for paying your bills anymore. This is a very convenient option for those looking for a hassle free payment method. Plus, the system also ensure that you are never late on your payments.

By Phone: You can also pay using your phone by calling 1-800-682-1515 and using credit card as the payment method. This is a very useful option for those who do not want to pay through the internet but still want to enjoy the convenience of a fast and hassle free payment.

Budget Billing: If you use this option, your monthly bill amount will remain fairly the same for the period of 12 months. At the end of the billing cycle, if you have paid for more electricity than you have used, then the excess amount will be credited to you. However, if you have underpaid, then you will be liable for the due amount.

By Mail: Send in your checks at the following address –

Jones Onslow Electric,
259 Western Boulevard,
Jacksonville, NC 28546

In Person: You can also visit any of the company offices and pay your bills at the cashier counter or the drive-thru window. There is also a dropbox in the premises should you decide to pay on your way back from work.

If you are late in paying the bills, you will be charged a late payment fee at 1.5% of the due amount. There will also be a Field Collection expense of $25 should it happen. Your services can be shut down if your past dues build up. And then if you do clear off your dues and request for reconnection, you will have to shell out anywhere from $25 to $85 as reconnection fee. If you paid your bill by check, make sure than you have funds in your account. If the check bounces, you will be charged $25 as Returned Check fee.

For any further questions on billing, payments or other issues, you can contact the customer care service help line at 800-682-1515

Just Energy Bill Credit Card Payment

Just Energy logoJust Energy is one of the largest energy suppliers in North America. Founded in 1997, the company has rapidly grown to service more than 1.8 million customers throughout the continent. At present, Just Energy operates in 13 US states providing electricity and natural gas to its consumers.

Just Energy Bill Pay Options

ved into a new home that is located in the Just Energy service area? Then you might be interested in knowing about the various payment options you have. Just Energy offers the following payment methods to its customers –

Online: The company offers a web portal through which you can conveniently pay your bill. Since the website is live 24 hours a day, you are free to pay your energy bill at anytime time you choose – a perfect payment option for busy individuals. To use this service, you have to open an online account with the company and then you can pay your bill using your credit card or bank account.

Just Energy Bill Pay register

To register for an account, visit the following web page – Once you’ve registered, use your credentials to access your account by logging in.

Just Energy Bill Pay

Auto Pay: Using the automatic payment option, you can authorize the company to deduct your bill amount from your bank account or credit card each and every month. This is an automatic payment method which does not require your involvement once you set it up – a perfect option for those who do not want to bother with visiting offices or writing checks to pay their bills. Plus, since your bills are paid on time, you will never be liable for any late payment charges.

CheckFreePay: You can also use CheckFreePay service to pay your bills with Just Energy using your credit card, debit card or ATM card. There is a convenience fee of $3.95 per transaction. You can also pay at any CheckFreePay location near your area.

By Phone: To pay by phone, call 1-866-587-8674 and follow the voice instruction. For people who do not like paying through the internet but wish to have its convenience, this is the best option.

By Mail: The company also offers you the ability to pay through mail. Just send in your checks to the address mentioned in your bill stub. But do make sure that your bank account does have enough funds. Just energy will charge you $25 for every returned check.

Just Energy (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario)
80 Courtneypark Dr. West
Units 3 & 4
Mississauga, Ontario L5W 0B3


Just Energy (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio)
P.O. Box 2210
Buffalo, New York, 14240-2210


Just Energy (Texas)
5251 Westheimer Road
Suite 1000
Houston, Texas, 77056

Just Energy charges a late payment fee at 5% of the due amount if you fail to pay your bills on time. And if your account is disconnected due to non-payment, you will also be charged $25 as disconnection fee. You can contact the company’s customer service if you are going through any financial hardship so that they can design a custom payment plan for you. If that does not help, you can always apply for the different energy assistance programs in your area. Programs like LIHEAP help the financially weak households in paying their energy bills.

If you have any further questions regarding billing, payments or any other matter, you can contact the Just Energy customer care service at 1-877-619-1302

IdaCorp Power Bill Payment Options

IdaCorp Power logoIdaho power is a generator, transmitter and distributor of electricity base in Boise, Idaho. The company was registered in the year 1915. Idaho power has 17 hydro electric power plants of its own and also generates electricity through 2 gas power stations. Idaho power is the major electric utility company that supplies electricity to Oregon and Southern Idaho. Idaho power operates in a total area of 62,000 km2 and distributes electricity near the regions that surround Snake River and its tributaries.

How to pay your Idaho Power bills?

Idaho power distributes electricity to a user base of over 480, 000. When catering to such a user base, a company knows that different people find different modes of payment as most convenient to them. Idaho power gives its customers many bill payment options through which they can pay their electric bills. If you are a customer of Idaho power, you can pay your bill through following mediums – Bill payment by phone, Bill payment at Drop boxes, Bill payment by mail, Online Bill payment and Bill payment at Pay stations.

Bill payment by phone: A customer at Idaho power can use the phone payment facility to pay their electric bills. If you want to pay your Idaho power electric bill through phone, you can call 1-800-829-5415, where an automated voice will guide you to bill payment and you can pay your bill by entering your Credit or Debit card details. The phone payment facility is charged a transaction fee of $2.85 per payment by Idaho Power.

Bill Payment at Drop Boxes: Idaho power has installed many drop boxes in Oregon and southern Idaho, in which customers can deposit their bill with the bill stub. The location of these drop boxes can be found on Idaho Power website. The customers are requested to drop their bills only with checks.

Bill payment by Mail: Idaho power sends self addressed return envelope with every paper bill it sends to its customers. A customer can enclose their check or money order in this envelope along with bill stub that contains your account details. If you have lost or not received the envelope, you can send your payments directly to –

IdaCorp – Processing Center,
Post Office Box no. 34966,
Seattle, WA 98124-1966.

Online bill payments: If you want to pay your Idaho power electric bill online, you can do so at Idaho power website that uses third party payment services or by directly visiting .

A customer will first need to create an account by providing Idaho power electric Account details and E-mail ID.

IdaCorp Power Bill Pay register

Once the account is verified, one can go on and login to pay their bills by using a Credit or Debit card.

IdaCorp Power Bill Pay

Bill Payment at Pay stations: Idaho power has an alliance with many local outlets and businesses, where a customer can pay their Idaho Power electric Bills. The Locations of these Pay stations can be found on Idaho power website. You will require furnishing your Idaho power account details while paying the bill at these pay stations.

BGE Credit Card Payment Online

Baltimore Gas and Electric logoHow to pay my BGE Bill?

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation which has been meeting the energy requirements of the Central Maryland residents and businesses from nearly 200 years. With a clear mission to economically, profitably, safely and reliably deliver electricity and gas to their customers; BGE beholds an array of resources, programs and services that define the next generation of energy management. Due to their unmatched services, they have a clientele of 650,000 gas and 1.2 million electric customers.

For a company whose aim is customer satisfaction, it is important for them to provide their customers with a secure, user-friendly and fast bill payment method. And BGE with their variety of payment methods has made sure that their customers do not have wait in long queues to pay their gas and electricity bills.

Here’s a list of methods that you can use for BGE Credit Card Payment Online!

Online Payment: Today, online payment is the fastest and most convenient way of paying your bills. To pay your BGE bill online, visit their official site and sign up to receive your bills electronically. Once you log on to their website, you get three options to choose from:

  • Bill Payment through

BGE Credit Card Payment MyCheckFree login

  • Online Payment through their website

BGE Credit Card Payment

  • One-time Payment via Speedway website

bge western union

Out of these three methods, if you choose the last one, i.e. payment through Speedway website, you get additional three options to choose from. These are

  • Payment via Debit Card
  • Payment via Credit Card
  • Payment from Checking Account

Now, if you choose any one of these three options, you require paying an additional fee of $2.00 for residential customers and 3.2% (of total payment amount) for the commercial customers.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of paying your bills every month or lets say you tend to forget the payment deadlines, BGE also offers “Auto Pay”. To make automatic payments of your bills every month, all you need to do is to register yourself on Once registered, you can easily connect your bank account with your BGEasy account. Every month, the bill amount is directly deducted from your account.

Other methods are:

Payment by Phone: To make you BGE payment via phone, call at 1.888.232.0088 and follow the instructions. Phone payment can be made through your credit/debit card and/or checking account. Please note this is a paid service. The charges applied are $2.00 for residential customers and 3.2% of the total billed amount for the commercial users.

Payment in Person: You can pay your bill by providing your account number at the nearby locations of America’s Cash Express and/or Global Express.

By Mail: Every month, BGE sends a self-addressed envelope along with the bill at your billing address. So, if you want to pay the bill through mail, you can send a check or money order at the mentioned address. Whenever you choose this medium, make sure that you never pay in cash.

Payment via Person Payment Plan: BGE offers Personal Payment plans, through which you can pay one-third of your billing amount and the rest in the form of installments of one to six months.

Apart from these 5 methods, you can also make gift payments for your friends and family. This is a unique and a useful way of bringing a smile to the faces of your family and friends. To make gift payments, simply fill out the Gift of Energy

form and send it BGE postal address.

The address to make payments through is:

P.O. Box 13070
PA 19101-3070

Louisville Gas and Electric Company Bill Payment Options

Louisville Gas and Electric logoLouisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) is an energy utility based in Louisville, Kentucky. LG&E has a service area of approximately 700 square miles and supplies electricity to more than 394,000 customers while also providing natural gas to around 319,000 customers in the region.

Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) Bill Pay Options

Louisville Gas and electric offers the following payment options for its customers

Online: Pay online by using the web based payment facility offered by the company. After you register for an account, you can start paying your bills by using your credit card, debit card or e-checks.

Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) Bill Pay

Accepted cards include Discover, VISA, MasterCard and American express. There is no service charge if you pay by e-checks. If you pay by debit or credit cards, you will be charged a convenience fee of $1.49. To register, visit –

Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) Bill Pay register

PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, you can also use it to pay your bill. Once you choose to pay, you will be taken over to the PayPal page where your payment will be processed. A $1.49 service fee will be charged

Auto Pay: Using Auto Pay, your monthly bill amount is automatically debited to your bank account. This is a very easy option that requires only the initial effort to authorizing the company to deduct from your account. After that, you never have to worry about paying your bill on time. You will receive your monthly bill before the amount is deducted

Budget Payment Plan: Under this option, you will be paying nearly the same amount each month as your energy expenses. This is a 12 month plan wherein you will pay a fixed amount for 11 months and on the 12th month, you will either make up for any excess usage or the company will credit you for any excess payments made by you.

By Phone: Do you want to pay by phone? Just call the customer service at 502-589-1444 and pay your bill using your credit card, debit card or e-check. A processing fee of $1.49 per transaction will be charged.

By Mail: Send your payments together with the bill stub to –

PO Box 9001960,
Louisville, KY 40290-1960

In Person: Walk into the customer care office and pay your bill in cash, money order, check or cashier’s check at – 701 South Ninth St., Louisville, KY 40203. Alternatively, you can also pay at an of the authorized payment centers. To find a pay center near you, visit –

If you fail to make your payments on the due date, LG&E will charge you a late payment fee at 5% of your bill amount. And if you paid your bill through check, make sure than your bank account does have enough funds. because if the check bounces, then you will be liable to pay $10 for the returned check.

If you need any clarification regarding billing or payment matters, you can contact LG&E’s customer care help line at 502-589-1444