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Serving more than 6 million customers First Energy is one of the nation’s largest electric systems. They work hard everyday to make sure they provide their customers with reliable service they can count on. First Energy is dedicated to remaining at the top of the list with all their services they provide. That is why they make sure that you have several options for making your bill payment each month that is just as reliable and simple as the service they provide.

First Energy Bill Pay Options

Automatic Credit Card Payments: If you want a simple way to make your payment to your account each month, you can make automatic credit card payments. With this option, there are no additional fees and you will not have to worry about sending your bill out each month. Your payments will automatically be charged to your credit/debit card when it is due. To sign up for automatic credit/debit card payments you must first create an online account.

First Energy Bill Pay register

After that, you will have the option of setting up your card, where you will no longer have to worry with mailing your payment out each month. If you want to login to make a payment or create an online account you can follow this link:

First Energy Bill Pay

Authorized Payment Agents: To make things just a little more simple for you, First has collaborated with several establishments where you can make your payments. There will be a service fee applied when making a payment at any of the Authorized Payment Agents. Please note that the fees will vary per location. To find the location closest to you, you can search by zip code here.

One Time Credit Card Payments: If you need to make a one-time payment on your account, you may do so using your credit or debit card. You have the option of using the online system or calling in and using an automated phone system. This service is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There will be a service fee applied when using this option. When you decide to make your one time payment, you will need your account number and debit/credit card in front of you. After your one time payment has been approved, you will receive a confirmation number. Please be sure to keep this for your record. Payments that are made after midnight will be applied to your account the next business day. If your account is in disconnection status, you will need to call customer service with your confirmation number.

Make A One Time Payment Now or Call 1-866-569-4770

Reoccurring Bank Payments: If you elect you can sign up to have your payment deducted directly from your checking or savings account. When you sign up for Reoccurring Bank Payments you will no longer need to worry about when your bill is due or your payment getting lost in the mail. Every month when it is due, it will be deducted from your account. This is a free serviced provided to you, however, you will want to check with your financial institution to make sure there are no additional fees or that they allow automatic deductions. You will need to make sure you continue to make your payments as usual until you notified that your payments are being taken from the account you designated. This process can take up to 8 weeks to begin. Once it has, your monthly billing statement will reflect it.

Paperless Billing: When you sign up for an online account with First you have the option of setting up your account for paperless billing. With this method you will receive an email when your bill is ready to be viewed. When you receive the email, you will then be provided with steps on how to proceed to make the payment on your account. Its easy, Its paperless, Its secure and best of all ITS FREE! If you already have an online account set up you can log in: and change your billing options or you can create an online account: now to get started.

Pay by Mail: You always will have the option of returning your bill through the mail. Just simply use the pre-addressed envelope provided with your check or money order. Be sure to write your account number in the memo section of the check. Please do not send cash through the mail and allow plenty of time for your payment to arrive.

One could use either of the two addresses listed below depending on the company they have subscribed to:

P.O. Box 3687
Akron, Ohio 44309-3687


P.O. Box 3615
Akron, Ohio 44309-3615

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  1. I am unable to access your web site to pay my bill. I’m given a message stating that the server is not safe.
    Is this a scam diversion? Or an actual scam?

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