Txfb-ins Bill Payment Options

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance logo

Txfb-ins stands for Texas Farm Bureau insurance. They took on their first customers in the early 50’s and have been providing a great service to customers, previous and new since adding to the different services they are able to provide. Their services include insurance coverage for personal, property, automobile, health and life to ensure that life’s little surprises are covered when customers need it most.

Txfb-ins offer a range of ways for their customers to pay their premiums to ensure that everyone has a payment method to suit them, even in today’s busy world. The payment options are online, telephone and by post.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay Options

Pay your bill online: Choosing to pay premiums online means that customers are able to make their payments from anywhere in the world so long as they have internet access. As most people have access through either their home computer, internet café or hand held smart device paying has never been easier. Customers are able to make a payment any time night or day, all year round even during holidays.

To make an online payment customers first need to sign up for an online account. This can only be done once an initial account has been set up.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay register

If you are not a customer yet, then you will need to get in contact with a local agent. You can find your nearest by going on to the main page of the site and the agent locator can be found by entering your zip code into the box half way down on the right hand side of the page. Once a customer you will be given a policy number, which you will need to pay through the website, the online payment platform. You can safely input your details there and login to your payment account to either set up an automated payment schedule, which takes money from your bank automatically when it is due or you can pay by debit or credit card.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay

This option even allows you to add an app to your smartphone to make paying on the go even easier.

To set up the account you will need your policy number, social security number (last 4 digits) for verification purposes and membership number which will be given to you when you set up the account.

Pay by telephone: If you prefer to speak to a person to pay your bills then you can telephone your payments so long as you have a valid credit or debit card. You will need to call 254-772-3030 and have your policy number and payment details to hand when you make the call to save time.

Pay by post: If you don’t have a payment card, you can send a check into the office. You should bear in mind that any payments made by post will not be instantly applied to your account so allow up to 10 days for the payment to be received and processed by Txfb-ins staff. By logging into your online account, you can check the status of your payments and when they have been processed.

In Person: Customers can also make payment at their offices:

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
7420 Fish Pond Road
Waco, TX 76710

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Payment Options

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance logo

The Texas Farm Bureau (Txfb) Insurance is a leading insurance provider in the state of Texas, United States. Txfb aims at helping its customers manage their financial risks of everyday life and successfully. The company offers a wide range of insurance products – from auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance and more.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Payment Options

If you are a customer of Txfb Insurance, then you can easily pay your bills through the internet. For this, you need to open an online account with the company. To do so, just visit this webpage: www.txfb-ins.com/MyAccount.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay register

You will need to furnish your policy number, social security number and membership number during registration. Once you have registered, then you can login through this link: www.txfb-ins.com using your username and password and start making the payments.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Bill Pay

You can pay your bill using your credit card. The company accepts all major credit cards. Since this is an online payment option, you are free to pay your bills at any time of the day, at any day of the week. Plus, you will also have the ability to view your bills online using any internet enabled device.
TXFB Contact Center: If you are interested in Txfb, its products or simply want to know more about bill payment, you can contact the company’s customer service center at 1-800-224-7936 or contact your agent. You can also visit the website at www.txfb-ins.com for more details.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
7420 Fish Pond Road
Waco, TX 76710

GEICO Bill Payment Reviews

Geico Insurance logoWith Geico Insurance you will find that they offer many great options for you to make payments to your account. They understand that life gets busy and sometimes you need a way to make those payments that fit a schedule that works for you. WIth GEICO you will see that they offer four great ways for you to make a payment on your policy, ensuring you will find one that works best for your needs. You can make a payment online, over the phone, through the mail and even set up automatic payments.

GEICO Bill Pay Options

Online Payments: If you would like to make a payment online you can do so with just a few click of the mouse. You have the options of making a one time payment with a check, debit or credit card. If you chose to make a check payment online you will need to provide your checking account information. Any payments made online with a check can take up to 5 days to post to your account. When you do make a payment using the electronic check option, your information will be automatically stored. This makes processing any future payments made using a check faster. You will not have to enter your information every time. If you want to make a check payment you will need to login to the Policyholder Service Center.   To make a payment online using your debit/credit card, you will still need to login to the Policyholder Service Center. Once you enter the center you will click on “pay by card” and enter your payment information. The card transaction should post to your account within one business day.

Automatic Online Payments: No longer worry about missing payments again. WIth automatic online payments your checking or savings account can be debited each month when your policy balance is due. To enroll in automatic payments you will need to visit the Policyholders Service Center, once you have entered the center you can then select sign up for EFT.

GEICO Bill Pay register

You will continue to make your payments as usual until you are sure your automatic payments are in effect.

GEICO Bill Pay

You can also elect to have your debit or credit card charged each month as well. You will need to sign up for recurring card payments from within the Policyholders Service Center. You have the ability to even set your own payment schedule with both of these, putting you in complete control and when and how your payments are made.

Payments Over The Phone: GEICO has an interactive phone service that allows you to make your payments over the phone. Doing so is simple and fast and all you will need to have is your payment account information and your policy number. This service is available for use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The information you use is automatically stored so the next time you call you will not have to re-enter the information. After your call is complete, you will receive a confirmation number. Be sure to keep this number handy in case there are ever any questions about the transaction. If you would like to make a payment over the phone you can do so by calling; 1-800-932-8872

Paying Through The Mail: About two weeks before your policy is due, you will receive your statement in the mail. You will then have the option to return it with your check or money order payment. You will want to be sure to write your policy number on the check or money order to ensure faster processing. If you need to mail your payment be sure to send it with plenty of time to arrive at the office. This way there will be no problems or chances of your policy being canceled. You can send your payments to:

GEICO Remittance Center
One GEICO Plaza
Bethesda, MD 20811-0001

Primerica Life Insurance Bill Payment Options

Primerica life insurance logoPrimerica not only provide life insurance, but also help families to manage their finances better. They provide coverage at an affordable price so that if the worst was to happen, those left behind would be financially taken care of. With the advice they give to individuals and families they are also able to help them to become debt free by providing all of the tools they need to get their finances in order. To make paying life insurance easier they have made the Primerica life insurance bill payment options versatile, accessible and easy to understand.

Primerica Life Insurance Bill Pay Options

The Primerica life insurance bill payment options are online via EZ pay and by phone.

Pay your bill online: To pay online you will first need to open up an online account. You can do so here.

Primerica life insurance bill pay

Once set up you will only need your username and password to log in which will save time. To pay your bill you will be taken to EZ pay which is a bill payment platform that allows customers to pay their bills safely and securely. To go straight to EZ pay to pay your bill click here: secure8.i-doxs.net/Primerica_US/OneTime.

The first time you use this service you will need to enter your policy number for identity verification. Once you have done this you will not need to enter it for future payments. The number starts with 04 and you should be able to find the number on any correspondence.

Primerica life insurance bill pay register

When you receive your payment card statement the payment will be identified as EZ-Pay. To pay this way you will be charged $2.95 which is a processing fee for the EZ-pay provider KUBRA. To ensure you meet the payment deadline you should pay at the latest before 4pm between Monday and Thursday so that the payment can be processed the same day. For weekends the processing time will be the next working day as will any payments on weekdays made after 4pm. Friday’s payments are processed on Saturday.

Pay by automatic Bank transfer: To ensure you never miss a payment date again you can set up automatic bank transfer as your preferred Primerica life insurance bill pay method. This will mean you don’t have to worry about remembering your payment date to avoid incurring late payment fees. You choose the day of the month that suits you best and the money will be taken automatically. You can set up automatic bill transfers online or by calling 1-800-257-4725.

Pay by phone: If you want to speak to a member of customer services you can call 1-800-257-4725 to pay your bill. You will need to have your policy number and payment method to hand to pay this way.

Pay by post: You can mail your policy payments to Primerica Life Insurance Company if you prefer rather than using the other Primerica life insurance bill pay methods, 1

Primerica Parkway,
Duluth, GA 30099.

When posting payments allow time for the postal service to deliver your payment and ensure that you include your policy number so that the payment can be added to your account without delay.

Progressive Insurance Bill Payment Options

Progressive logoProgressive insurance providers are able to offer their customers a range of insurance services from cars to sedgeways and still offer them the best value around. They come highly recommended by independent insurance agents all over the country and beyond, because they know the true worth of choosing a company that has been around since the late thirties and is still going strong. As they offer such a range of insurance options people are able to manage all of their insurance needs from the home to their pets with one company and be confident that they are receiving the best possible service. Progressive bill payment is easy for everyone as they offer more than one payment option. This gives everyone an option that suits them to keep on top of their premiums.

Progressive Bill Pay Options

The payment options for Progressive are by telephone, automatic bank draft and online by e-check or debit/credit card.

Pay by telephone: If you have a valid debit/credit card the telephone is a progressive bill pay option for you. If you live in Canada, the number to call is 1-800-300-3693. All other customers can pay on 1-800-876-5581. You should have your policy details to hand so that you can verify your identity. This is also the number to call should you have any inquiries.

Pay your bill online: The most favored progressive bill payment option is using the online service. The reason this is so popular is that it is available all year round and can be accessed from anywhere that you have internet access, even outside of the country. This is a great option for people who travel a lot but don’t want to or are not able to set up automatic payments. To pay online you will need either a debit/credit card or an e-check which allows the payment to be made from your bank account as a one off.

Before you can make online payments, you will first need to set up an online account which you can do by clicking here.

Progressive Bill Pay register

To begin you will need either your driving license number or policy number so that your identity can be verified. Once the online account has been set up, any other time you want to check your policy details make changes or pay a bill you will only need to enter your username and password as your details will be saved.

Progressive Bill Pay

This for many customers saves them a lot of time and is even convenient to do on the go if you have a mobile device that can access the internet.

Making automatic payments: Lots of people use the automatic payment option to pay your bills. This will allow the money to be taken from your bank automatically. You can set this option up online once you have set up an online account and can make changes as/when you wish.

Paying by e-check: To make a one of e-check payment, log into your account and choose the e-check option. This will not be set up automatically each month, so you will need to call again should you wish to do the same next time your bill is due.

For information one can visit their offices at:

Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Rd
Mayfield Village, OH 44143

StateFarm Insurance Bill Payment Methods

StateFarm Insurance logoState Farm is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. Founded in 1922, the company services more than 81 million policies throughout North America. State Farm is a member of Fortune 500.


StateFarm Insurance Bill Pay options

If you are a customer of State Farm and have received a bill, you can pay it through any of the following methods:

 Online: This is an internet payment option and as such is available 24 X 7. To make online payments, you will need an online account which you can register through your here.

StateFarm Insurance Bill Pay register

Once you have successfully registered, you can then login to your account and pay the bills using credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account.

StateFarm Insurance Bill Pay

Accepted credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your online account also offers extra benefits like the ability to file claims, update policy info, request coverage changes etc. When you are looking to make an instant payment, then this is your best option.

Auto Pay: Under the Auto Pay option, your bill amount will be automatically deducted from your payment source each month. Once you set this payment option, you will never have to worry about paying your bills – the system will take care of it. Your bills are always paid on time and you are not charged any late payment penalties. You can set up the Auto Pay option through your online account. You will be receiving your bill when the amount is due and before it is deducted. This should give you enough time to check the accuracy of the bill.

Phone: If you do not like to pay online, then the phone payment option may be the suitable one for you. To pay your bill through phone, simply call 800-440-0998 and follow the instructions. Keep your policy number and payment information handy while making the payment. This is a very suitable payment method when you are looking to make an immediate bill payment but do not have internet access.

Mail: If you want to pay through mail, you can do so. Just send in your payments in the return envelope that accompanies your monthly bill to the following address – State Farm Insurance Companies,

Insurance Support Center –
East, PO Box 588002,
North Metro, GA 30029

When paying through check, ensure that you have enough funds in your bank account. If the check returns to the company due to any reason, you may be charged a penalty for the returned check.

As a customer, you have four billing options available – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. You can also opt for paperless billing and thus avoid the clutter of paper bills in your home. If you are having any difficulty in paying the bills by the due date, you can contact the company and ask for a due date extension. If granted, you may be able to avoid late payment penalties. If you have any further questions regarding insurance billing and payments, you can contact the State Farm customer care service at 800-440-0998. Alternatively, you can also visit the company website at for more information.

Permanent General Auto Insurance Bill Payment Options

Permanent General logoYou will more than likely have already been notified that Permanent General is now known as The General. This can make it difficult for new and old customers alike who are looking for contact information online. This new name has taken effect from January of 2013 so that both Permanent general and its associated companies are all known by the same name. Permanent General Bill pay options still remain the same; the options to pay are online by card, e-check, and automatic bank transfer or over the telephone.

Pay your bill Online: Using the Permanent General Bill pay online option is the most favored method of payment because it allows people to pay their bills at a time that suits them most. This method is available at all times throughout the year so those that don’t have time to make a call during office hours can still make their payments when they are due. There are a few ways that you can make an online payment, with the most common one off method being via debit/credit card.

If you want to use the online service to pay you will need to sign up for an online account. You can do so here: www.thegeneral.com/register.

Permanent General Bill Pay register

To enable you to sign up you will need to ensure you have your policy number to hand which can be found on the original paperwork and other correspondence. Once set up you will have the option to use your policy number or registered email to sign in. You can sign into your account here: www.thegeneral.com/mypolicy.

Permanent General Bill Pay

Once signed in go to the payments page and choose the method of payment that suits you best and follow the on screen instructions to complete the transaction.

Pay by e-check: If you prefer, you can use the Permanent General Bill pay e-check option. This involves making a one off payment from your bank account to them rather than entering debit/credit details. These details will not be kept so will need to be entered each time you wish to make a payment this way.

Pay by mail: Customers can make payments via mail, whereby they can send either checks or money orders to the address below.

The General
P.O. Box 305076.
Nashville, TN

Automatic Bank Transfer: With so many bills to remember in the modern world it can be easy to forget payment dates if they are not the same. This is where automatic bank transfers can be useful Customers give permission for the agreed sum to be taken from their account on a monthly basis for as long as the policy is needed. It only needs to be done once but can be cancelled at any time. This method suits those who get paid regularly on the same date each month and customers are free to choose which day of the month the money is taken.

Pay by phone: The final method of payment is to call the office and speak to a member of staff. You can do this by calling 1-866-519-7422. You should have your policy number and payment method to hand to make this process as fast as possible. You can use your credit/debit card or set up an automatic bank transfer using this method.

Farmers Bill Payment Options

Farmers logoOnline payment takes is a convenient and easy way to keep track of your bills and get them paid on time. Never pay a late fee again with Farmers online bill pay. Login to Farmers Online Bill Pay: www.Farmers.com/OneTimePayment with your policy number, your billing zip code, your bank account or credit/debit card information and select which Farmers product you have.

It’s a simple process that can save you time and even money. With online bill pay you will have 24/7 access to your bill so you know exactly how much you owe and when. You can also see if any unexpected charges pop up and contact Farmers before that becomes a problem.

There is no need to be concerned about security. Farmers uses a secure server for all transactions, they keep your important information safe.

You can save even more time by registering at www.farmers.com. Enter your information once and it will be stored for your future use. No policy number to keep track of, no checks to find for account numbers. Just a few clicks and your bill is paid.

How to Register With Farmer’s

There are a few simple steps to register with Farmers . Follow the link to go to the registration page: www.farmers.com/enroll. There you will find three fields asking for you policy number, your last name, and your date of birth. Once you enter these, Farmers will automatically look up your account information and register you for online services.

Farmers Bill Pay register

After this, online bill pay is the next step. Farmers has made it easy and fast to pay your bill online. With a minimum of information, which you can save with a username and password, you can access and pay your bill at any time.

Online bill pay allows you to keep your finances in check without leaving your house or having to consult with a financial advisor. Online bill pay puts you in charge, enjoy the freedom of being able to pay your bill when you are able instead of when a notice in the mail dictates you must.

Farmers Bill Pay register

Make your Farmers bill pay on time, every time, knowing that Farmers is a secure site that allows you to save your information. Keep track of where your money is going and of when your premium goes up. Farmers will attempt to contact you in this event, but checking your bill regularly can prevent miscommunication before it costs you money.

To write to the payment department incase of any issue, contact:

Payment Processing Center
PO Box 0991
Carol Stream, IL 60132-0991

Bristol West Insurance Bill Payment Options

Bristol West Insurance logoBristol West Insurance group has been providing insurance to private passengers since 1973. They are committed to providing insurance with competitive rates that will assure you are safe everywhere you go. They are committed to providing you with the best quality insurance and customer service they can. This even includes the options they provide you for making your payments on your policy. With all the options they have available you will be sure to find one that works best for you. In this article I will discuss all the options available for you to make your Bristol West Insurance Payments.

Bristol West Insurance Bill Payment Options

Online Payments: If you are looking for a free way to make payments to your account, then an online account payment is your best choice. This option is available to you twenty four hours a day seven days a week, making it the most convenient option for you. Anywhere you can get internet access is where you can make your payments to your account. You will be able to make an online payment using your credit/debit card or checking account. Making an online payment is simple. All you need is your policy number, zip code and date of birth. If you would like to make an online payment simply follow this link: www.bwproducers.com/InsuredWebPay.

Bristol West Insurance Bill Payment Options

You can also create an account where you will be able to do even more than just make a payment. You will be able to, enroll in direct pay, obtain proof of insurance, see what vehicles are on your policy, change your email address and print off an ID card. If you would like to register for an online account you can here: www.bristolwest.com/Login.

Bristol West Insurance Bill Payment Options register

Phone Payments: Another free option you have for making payments to your account is over the phone. You may make a phone payment using your checking account, credit or debit card. If you want to make a checking account payment, you will need to speak with a customer service representative. All other payments can be made using the automated system. If you would like to make a phone payment simply dial 1-888-888-0080

Sending a payment in the mail: If you would like to return your payment in the mail, you may do so with a check or money order. When your policy is ready for payment you will receive a statement in the mail. You can then return the remittance stub with your payment. You will have a pre-addressed envelope that is ready for you to return. Address for specific payment locations can be found below.

Customers in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas:

Bristol West Insurance
Post Office Box 7142
Pasadena, California 91109-7142

Customers in all other states

Bristol West Insurance
Post Office Box 371329
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-7329

Using your Producer: You can easily make a payment with your policy producer.

Western Union Payments: If you would like to make a Western Union payment, doing so is fairly easy. All you will need to do is make your payments through Western Union Quick Collect and use the city code ‘POLICY’ and the state code FL.   To find a location nearest you, call 1-800-325-6000.

Moneygram payments: You can make a payment through your local moneygram retail location.   To find the nearest location, call 1-800-926-9400 or access www.moneygram.com. You will need to provide a receive Code of 4978, company name of Bristol West along with your policy number.

Contact Bristol West

Your policy producer can assist you with all your inquires. If you have additional questions and would like to send written correspondence you can find your address below.

Customers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada and Oregon:

Bristol West Insurance
Post Office Box 229080
Hollywood, Florida 33022-9080


900 S Pine Island Road
Plantation, Florida 33324

Customers in all other states

Bristol West Insurance
Post Office Box 31029
Independence, Ohio 44131-0029

Rockside Center III
5990 West Creek Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

If you would like to speak with a customer service representative over the phone you can call the number between the hours listed below and one will be glad to assist you with all your needs.

Customer Service
Monday through Friday
8:00AM – 5:00PM


Pay Globe Life and Accident Insurance bill with Credit or Debit Card Online

Globe Life and Accident Insurance logoGlobe life and accident insurance bill pay options give policy holders the chance to pay their premiums in a variety of ways. That means everyone can find a method to suit them whether they like the old fashioned way or fast technology. The company now has over $60 billion worth of insurance currently provided and offers customers health and accident insurance at an affordable price. To date they have almost 4 million customers and have been given numerous awards showing their great customer service is still as important as the day they were founded in 1951!

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options

The Globe life accident insurance bill pay options are online, automatic bank payment, mail and phone.

Paying your bill online: With access to the internet you can take total control of your Globe life accident insurance bill pay date and much more. You can look at your policy, find helpful hints and tips and even make alterations. Before you will be able to make online payments you will need to open up an online account. You can do this here: eservicecenter.globeontheweb.com.

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options register

You will need to enter your date of birth, name of the policy holder and your policy number. It will only take a few minutes to set up, but will give you round the clock access even during holidays when it suits you best. Once the account has been set up you can log on in future here: Eservicecenter.globeontheweb.com/Defaultglobe.

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Bill Payment Options

Set up automatic bank draft: Lots of people now pay their bills by direct debit because it means that once set up they never again need to worry about remembering to pay on time. The money will be taken out of your bank on a date that suits you every month making paying your policy simpler than ever before! You can set up an automatic bank draft by visiting the website or calling 800-811-3927 between 7:30 and 4:30. Ensure you have your policy number and payment method to hand to make the process faster.

Pay by post: You can make your policy payment by posting a check or mail order. This should be made payable to Globe Life and Accident Insurance. You should also include your policy number and name so that the payment can be added to your account. Bear in mind that it takes a few days for the payment to reach the office and also for processing to take place. Postal payments should be sent to:

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
Globe Life Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73184.

Pay by phone: You can telephone your payment through if you have a valid debit or credit card. To make the process as fast as possible, ensure you have everything you need with you at the time of calling. You will be asked for your policy number and the number on your card. The office is open from 7:30 in the morning, till 4:30 in the afternoon. The number to call to make a payment is 1-800-811-3927.