First Savings Credit Card Payment Reviews

First Savings Credit Card logo

When you go to make your First Saving Credit Card payment you want an option that saves you time and money. With First Savings you will find that they offer you several options to make your bill payment much easier than most. You can sign up for an online account where you are able to manage your account, and make payments without having to spend money on stamps, standing in long lines at the post office, and driving around to find a location to make your payment, thus saving you time and money.

First Savings Bill Payment Options

Online Account: With an online account with First Savings you are able to manage several aspects of your account. You can have access to your First Savings account twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You will be able to view your current and past billing history, schedule automatic payments. You will also be able to change your address, request a duplicate card, dispute charges that you don’t agree with, and sign up for text and email alerts. If you would like to sign up for an online account you can follow this screens:

First Savings Bill Payment register

Registering for an online account is simple and will only take a few minutes. There are a few pieces of information you will need when you go to enroll. You will need your account number, the expiration date on your new First Saving Credit Card, the security code on the back of the card and the last four digits of your social security number.   If you already have an online account and would like to make a payment or changes on your account you can login now here: www,

First Savings Bill Payment

Sending Payments In The Mail: You always have the option to send your payments in the mail. Every month before your statement is due you, you will receive a statement in the mail. You will have enough time to review your bill and contact customer service with any questions or concerns you may have. If you do not have any questions you can return your statement with your payment. You can make payments on your account using a check or money order. You will want to write your account number on your check or money order to speed up processing of the payment. Please note that it is not recommended to send cash in the mail When you chose to make your payments through the mail, you will want to send it off with sufficient time to reach the office. This will ensure that you do not incur any late charges or cancellation of you credit. You should receive a return envelope with your billing statement in which to return your payment. However, if you happen to lose that envelope you can return it to this address:

First Savings Credit Card
Post Office Box 2509
Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2509

Western Union, Money Gram and Money Pak Payments: First Saving allows you to make payments on your account using Western Union, Moneygram and even Money Pak. If you would like to know more information regarding how to make a payment using Western Union, Money Pak or Money Gram. You can contact customer service at:

Payment Address:

First Savings Credit Card
Post Office Box 2509
Omaha, Nebraska 68103-2509

Correspondence Address

First Savings Credit Card
Post Office Box 5019
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57117-5019
Customer Service: 1-888-469-0291


Catherines Credit Card Bill Pay – Payment modes that make life easy

Catherines Credit Card logo

Catherines, a store specialized in plus size clothing for women, has today become a leading name in fashion clothing for full figured women. Started in 1960 by Catherine Weaver, the store has expanded into over 400 locations all over the nation and also sells clothes online. Catherines aims to deliver fashionable clothing to its customers which accentuate beauty and instill confidence.

With clothing for every occasion from everyday causal wear to work wear to clothes for special occasions, Catherines caters to the needs of all its women customers by offering a wide range of products. To complement the apparels, the products range also includes accessories, bags, fragrances, jewelry and much more. For the more intimate clothing, Catherines has lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear and also accessories along with these clothes. To make the range even more attractive, Catherines offers many discounts, promotions and offers for special occasions.

Catherines Credit Card Bill Pay:

The credit cards from Catherines, not only make shopping a simple process for you, but also help you save money. As the first step, when you apply for the Catherines Credit Card, you will get a 15% discount on your first purchase you make with the card. From here on it only gets better. Exclusive coupons of $50 on your birthdays, special credit bonus days and firsthand information about the latest fashion range are some of the benefits that you stand to avail with the Catherines credit card. To add to the excitement, Catherines also offers a MyCardExtras membership along with the credit which gets you discounts on all floral purchases at Teleflora and also on manicures, pedicures, facials and more at over a thousand spas.

Simple Payment Solutions: With such beneficial credit cards come simple modes of payments for these credit cards.

Pay by Check: The well-known method of making the payment for your credit card is by sending a check. By providing the basic details such as your credit card number and amount, you can mail you check to the:

Comenity Bank at
PO Box 659728,
San Antonio, TX 78265-9728

Once your check has been received your payment will be processed and a notification with be sent. While this takes a few days to a week to make the payment, this is a simple method and that has been in existence for a long time.

Pay Online: The next method of payment available to you is to make the payment online. You can visit the website and as a one-time step, register your credit card online.

Catherines Credit Card Bill Pay register

Once done you can log in to your account and select the option of making the payment online.

Catherines Credit Card Bill Pay

Here you would need to provide the basic information such as your address, email, bank account details and payment date. This is again a step that has to be performed once initially. After the details have been provided, a debit will happen from the bank account specified and the payment will be processed. For all subsequent payments you do not need to enter the details again, but specify the amount only. The online payment is much faster than payment by check and this is also accessible from any place that you would be.

CFNA Cards Bill Payment Services

CFNA Cards logoThe Credit First National Association, in addition to providing personalized credit cards, also offers easy-to-use bill payments services to choose from. There are three main modes of payment that are available.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay Options

CFNA ONLINE PAYMENT: After the initial registration of the credit card has been done by the customer, the online mode of payment is made available.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay register

Navigating through the different menu options on the home page of the online account screen, will guide the customer to the payment screen wherein the details such as Payment Amount, Payment Date, Routing Number and Checking Account Number etc. are to be provided. The next step would be to verify and confirm the details provided. The online payment is then authenticated by the system and once everything is verified, the payment goes through.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay

The online payment method, while being a convenient mode of payment, also has apre-requisite. This mode of payment can be made only when the bill amount is ten dollars or more. While mentioning the date of payment, the customer has an option to choose a date either for an immediate payment or delay the payments up to six months by opting for a future date. The payment would be made on the date specified. Once the payment has been scheduled for a specific date, the customer also has the option of editing or deleting this schedule by logging into the online account. With the flexibility available and easy setup, the online payment is an appealing way of making the payments for the card.

PAYMENT BY MAIL: The other method of payment which the customers can avail is the payment by check or money order to

P.O Box number 44188-0344
Cleveland, Ohio

Although this mode of payment might be perceived to be more time consuming as compared to the online payment, it is still is a preferred way for many

PAYMENTS THROUGH ELECTRONIC DEBITS: The third mode of payment available to the customers is to contact the CFNA customer care and schedule a payment through the bank account. By calling a toll free number, 1-800-321-3950 customers can provide the details regarding their bank, their checking accounts, payment amount, credit card etc. and through a debit from the specified account, the payment would be complete.

With the multiple modes of payment available to choose from, the customers can select the one which is suitable to them and also if need be, switch to a different mode of payment at a later point in time. Through these additional benefits Bridgestone and CFNA look at delivering additional value to its customers.

Chase Bill Pay Payment Options

Chase logoWith Chase you will find that they offer several great ways for you to pay your bill. Chase gives you the options to make payments on your account that work best for your busy life and you will not have to run around trying to make a payment that takes time and money. You will be able to save the headache and hassle with the easy options they give.

Chase Bill Pay Options

Payments Online: If you have an online account with Chase you will be able to make your payments online. When you choose to make your payment online with Chase you can rest assured that you are making your payment using the safest method possible. If you are new to Chase online you will need to provide your social security number, banking or credit/debit card information and an email or phone number that you provided when you applied with Chase. If you need to sign up with Chase Online you can follow this steps:

Chase Bill Pay register to do so now. If you already have an online account then you can just login to your account: and make your payments in just a few minutes.

Chase Bill Pay

Payments made before 8:00 in the evening will be posted and credited the same business day. Any payments made after 8:00 p.m will be posted and credited the next business day.

Automated Telephone Payments: If you want you can call a toll-free number provided by Chase to make you payment over the phone. This automated telephone service will walk you through the payment process. You will want to be sure to have your credit card/account number ready and your payment method for faster processing. To make a payment over the phone you can call 800-436-7958 Payments made before 8p.m. will be posted the same business day and after 8p.m. the next business day.

Calling Customer Service: If you would like to speak with a customer service representative Chase would love to hear from you. You can call the number twenty four hours a day. Chase even allows you to call collect if you are calling from outside of the US. Once again, payments made before 8 p.m. will be posted the same business day and after 8 p.m. to midnight the next business day. To speak with a customer service representative and you are within the U.S you can call 1-800-432-3117. Outside the US can call 1-800-432-3117

Visit A Chase Branch: You can visit any of the Chase locations if you wish to make a payment in person. For a list of locations you may visit this page.

Sending Your Payments By Mail: Every month before your bill is due Chase will send you a statement. You will be provided with a pre-addressed envelope to return your payments to the processing center. Please be sure to write your account number on the memo section of the check. If you have lost your pre-addressed envelope you can mail your payment to:

Cardmember Services
Post Office Box No 94014
Palatine, Illinois

Western Union Payments: Making payments through Western Union can take up to seven days to show up on your account. However if you choose to use Western Union as a payment method you will need to use the city code WALNUT

Nordstrom Bill Payment Methods

Nordstrom logoJust like many retail chains, Nordstrom offers you a credit card for retail purchases in their store. You will find many perks with a Nordstrom Credit Card that help you earn points for even more savings. You can also save on your Nordstrom card by siging up for an online account to pay your bill. With an online account you are able to manage every aspect of your account from viewing your history and pending charges, make payments, sign up for paperless billing and much more. This article will discuss every option you have for making your Nordstrom credit card payment with no hassle.

Nordstrom Bill Payment Options

Online Account:  If you dont want to have to worry any longer about your payments being late, due to the snail mail, then sign up with a Nordstrom Online account. With an online account you are able to access all of your information twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You will be able to manage your profile information, change banking information, make payments, view current and past billing history, and even sign up for paperless billing. With paperless billing you can help reduce paper waste and improve the environment. Paperless billing allows you to receive your statement in your email account each month when it is ready for viewing. You will then be able to make your payments. Paperless billing is the most secure method for making payments to your Nordstrom card, because it does not put your personal information out in the public as it moves from place to place. Nordstrom offers you the highest encryption to make sure that your account is safe and secure.

If you dont have an online account already with Nordstrom, you will need to enroll. Enrollment is easy and only takes a minute.

Nordstrom Bill Pay register


Once you enroll you will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive this email you will be able to complete your registration and be on your way to bill pay freedom.

If you already have a Nordstrom online account and need to sign in you can follow this link:

Nordstrom Bill Pay

Pay Through The Mail: Each month you will recieve a statement from Nordstrom about two weeks before you payment is due. With your statement you will receive an pre-addressed envelope in which you can return your payment. You will need to make sure to return your payment using a check or money order and not to send cash in the mail When you return your payment you will want to write your account number on your payment method to speed up the processing. Be sure to mail your payment back with plenty of time, to avoid any late fees. If you need the address to make your payment you can send it to.

Nordstrom credit card payments
Post Office Box 79134
Phoenix, Arizona 85062-9134.

Payments Over The Phone: Nordstrom customer service representative are always ready to take your payment over the phone. If you would like to make a payment over the phone you can do so by calling their toll free number at: 800-964-1800

Company name : Nordstrom
Address : 1700 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
State: Washington
Zip Code : 98101
Phone Number : +1 888-282-6060
Website : Nordstrom bill pay


Merrick Bank Credit Card Payment

Merrick logoMerrick Credit Cards are owned by Merrick Bank. They are currently in the top 25 of Visa and MasterCard distributors. With Merrick you will find that you have several options to pay your credit card payment to make it easier for you relieving you of the pressures of bill payment.

Merrick Bank Bill Pay Options

Paying Online: When you sign up for an online account with Merrick you will be saving time and money. You will no longer have to worry about going back and forth to the post office to buy stamps, and no longer have to worry about writing check. You are able to make your Merrick credit card payment online when you register for an online account. With an online account you are able to view statement balances, transactions, histories, make payments and manage your credit card profile. You can sign up for automatic payments if you prefer and even go paperless. When you have an online account with Merrick you will be in full control of your account. If you choose you can set up your account for automatic payments/ When you set up for account for automatic payments, you can be sure you will never miss a payment again. If you would like to sign up or log in to Merrick to make a payment or create an online account you may do so here: Provide your username and password to log in

Merrick Bank Bill Pay

If you don’t have an account yet, use the enroll button to create one as shown below.

Merrick Bank Bill Pay register

When you enroll for the first time for an online account you will need to provide your account number, last four digits of your social security number and email address. You will need a valid email address to receive confirmation of the enrollment.

Paying Over The Phone: If you would like to make a payment over the phone you may do so twenty four hours a day. Payments can be made over the phone by calling, 800-253-2322

Paying Through The Mail: Every month when your statement is ready Merrick will send your billing statement to the address provided on your account. You will receive your bill about two weeks before your statement is due. This should provide you with sufficient time to review your statement for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your balance. When you choose to make your payment through the mail, you will want to be sure to write your account number on check or money order. Its not recommended to send cash in the mail. Please be sure to send in your payment with sufficient time to reach the payment processing center to avoid any penalties or additional fees. Payments can be sent to:

MerrickBank Payment Processing Center
Post Office Box 30537
Tampa, Florida 33630-3537

Overnight Payments can be sent to:

FIS Remittance
11601 Roosevelt Blvd.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716-2202

Cash Payments: Merrick has locations where you can make a cash payment. If you would like to make a cash payment you can find a location here:

Reaching Customer Service:  If you any questions or concerns regarding your Merrick Secured Credit Card you can call customer service. The friendly representatives will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your credit account. You can reach a Merrick representative by calling 1-877-790-5648


My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment Methods

My Premier Credit Card logoThe first Premier Bank aggressively follows the policies to create customer friendly banking and provides the maximum facilities to make payments with the First Premier Credit Card. Aside from the routine banking services First Premier Bank has a long list of added advantages for the customer’s convenience. The first Premier Credit Card can be easily obtained with a simple procedure and this opens the doors for the customer to excellent banking facilities.

The customer first open up a personal online banking account and then can enroll for the First Premier Bank’s Free Online Billing. To enroll for online Personal Bill Pay:

  • Simply sign in for online banking account as shown below.
  • Press the pay button to make online payments.

My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment

On the sign in screen, use the enroll now button to get to the registration page.

My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment register

Some of the salient features of Personal Online Bill Pay are:

One password and the online account is accessed for payments through online banking.

Customers can schedule payments that need to be paid the following day.

  • No more check payments.
  • Anyone can be paid with online banking.
  • All kinds of bills can be paid.
  • Recurring and single payments can be set up.
  • No mail delays.
  • History of bills stays tracked.
  • Bills can be paid from checking accounts.
  • Through e-bills electronic bills are received.
  • E-bills can be stored up to 24 hours.
  • Funds can be transferred to any account of any financial institution form First Premier Bank and into First Premier Bank account.
  • Money can be kept in account until the biller receives the funds for the payment.
  • Free of cost personal online statements.
  • Personal information data is protected and secured.
  • Unauthorized people cannot get access to information.
  • Information is removed from the internet within 24 hours.

The First Premier Credit Card is another convenient way to make online bill payments. The customers have access to their personal accounts information can accordingly work on their purchasing and payment plans. Below is a list of facilities available for the customer by signing in for The First Premier Bank Card:

Pay online bills:

  • Customer gets e-mail and mobile phone credit card alerts.
  • Receives signals for purchase ceiling in dollar amount before payment is due or the customer is getting close to his credit limits.
  • Current balance is available.
  • Amount of available credit information is provided.
  • Online statements.
  • Record transactions and payment history.
  • Make payments through mobile phone.

First Premier Bank master Card credit card has no interest if balance is cleared every month.

Other Payment Options

Pay by mail: Customers can make payments to the address below.

First Premier Bank
P.O. Box 5524
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524

Pay in person: There is also the option of making payments on payment drop points like:

First Premier
3820 N. Louise Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107


First Premier
1400 Mickelson Drive
Watertown, SD 57201


First Premier
800 Cottonwood Lane
Dakota Dunes, SD 57049


First Premier
1000 18th St. SW
Huron, SD 57350

Pepco Bill Payment Options

Pepco logoPEPCO is known as Potomac Electric Power Co. and is a subsidiary that is wholly owned by PEPCO Holdings Inc. PEPCO is an electric utility company that distributes and transmits power to the districts of Maryland and Columbia. PEPCO serves over 7, 93,000 customer in those these two states. The company is also associated with a lot of community services projects in the two districts and committed toward saving energy and non-renewable resources.

How to make your Pepco Energy Bill Pay?

Having a customer base of over 700 thousand also means providing them with the best quality of service, which PEPCO ensures by allowing different convenient payments options to its customers. If you are a customer of PEPCO, you can pay your bills through the different payment options that the company provides, which are – Online bill payment, Budget bill Payment, Bill payment by Phone, Bill Payment by post, Bill payment in-person and Automatic Bill payments.

Online Bill payment: You can go to the website of the company and create an account or directly visit the page to create an account.

Pepco Energy Bill Pay

While creating an account CUSTOMERS will require to furnish their PEPCO account details and Email ID. After verification of your E mail ID, you can go Log in to your account and pay your bill by using Credit Cards, Debit cards or Electronic checks.

Pepco Energy Bill Pay

Budget Bill payment: Customers who want to save money by controlling their electric bills for seasonal fluctuations can do that by registering for Budget billing on PEPCO’s website or going to one of their offices and filling a form for Budget payments. Once registered for the service, a customer will be charged the same amount for each month of the year and the balance will be adjusted in the twelfth month.

Bill Payment by phone: Customers, who want to pay their bills through phone, will have to call customer representatives at PEPCO by dialing 202-833-7500. The customer care representative will guide you in paying your electric bill through phones by using your Credit Card, Debit Card or through electronic check.

Bill payment by post: Pepco sends its customers a self addressed return envelope each month with the paper bill. A customer can use this envelope to pay their bills by sending check or money order along with their bill stub. You can also send the bill payments directly to –

Post Office Box no.13608,
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3608.

In-person Bill payment: You can also pay the electric bills of PEPCO by visiting an ACE or Global Express outlet. The payments can be also made through some western union locations in Washington area, the addresses of which can be found on PEPCO’s website. You can also visit PEPCO service centers near your neighborhood for paying the bills through cash.

Automatic Bill payments: You can register on PEPCO’s website for paying your bills through automatic deductions. A customer needs to provide the Electric account details with PEPCO along with the bank account details of the account from which automatic deduction will be done. Registration can be done either online or through PEPCO service centers by filling a form and attaching the necessary documents.

United Airlines Bill Payment

United Airlines logoAssume you want to travel to a place for your business or personal purpose in the evening and you do not have time to visit the airline company’s office and book ticket, what are the options that you have? Well, the best option you have is to buy your ticket online, and the best place to do so is the United Airlines online website. There is no denying the fact that United Airlines offer peerless in-flight services and is one of the leading airlines in the country and with the addition of its highly efficient online booking and billing mechanism, United Airlines have reached a new level. The company offers a fast, reliable and fully secured billing procedure that includes special offers and discounts along with the company’s mileage plus program aimed at giving more and more back to the frequent flyers.

United Airlines Bill Payment and Billing  service :

First of all, you need to log-in to your account on the official website of United Airlines. The log-in procedure is necessary to make sure the billing procedure is carried out without any halt.

United Airlines Bill Payment

All you need to do to is to complete your registration by providing some basic registered details of your account.

United Airlines Bill Payment register

  • Then you are required to select the details of your journey such as the destination, date of travel to view the list of flights that might interest you.
  • The various flights on the particular day, between the two provided places are made available on a new page. The price, time etc of these flights vary on different aspects.
  • After selecting the flight that best suits your time and wallet, you can move forward to the payment procedure.
  • You can pay through credit card or if you are a mileage plus program member, you can even use the company’s credit card to pay the amount.
  • United Airlines provides special deal and offers to its users and credit card holders. You can even use the company’s credit cards to get free travel miles.
  • United Airlines also allows transactions through credit/debit cards of all the major banks in the nation that fall under the norms of U.S federal bodies.

For those who have booked their ticket in person from the United Airlines office, all the options of payment such as cash, company’s credit cards or bank credit cards is open. The money will be deducted from your account if you choose to pay from credit card.

For more information one can contact:

Physical Address:

United Airlines, Inc.
233 S. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606
United States

Postal Address:

United Airlines, Inc.
PO Box 06649
Chicago, IL 60606-0649
United States

Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

Delta Skymiles logoDelta Airlines has an extensive airline network which is spread over six Continents. Delta is one of the leading Airlines in United States with a daily load of 5000 flights both domestic and International. Delta is recognized for the services it provides to the passengers and is a trusted Airline nationally and internationally. Delta Airlines is laced with a highly trained and skilled staff of 80,000 working around the clock to make sure that Delta’s fleet of 727 mainline planes stay in the air in top conditions. This hard working and dedicated man-power is serving the passengers day-in and day-out. Delta Airline has the largest fleet of Wi-Fi equipped aircraft in the world and laptops, smart phones and PDA’s can get access to internet.


Skymiles is the incentive based program for frequent flyers of Delta Airlines and it gives the passengers the opportunity to earn miles when they travel. These miles can be redeemed to purchase air travel of to get discount on your purchases. This is a very innovative and progressive concept and gives the passenger freedom and flexibility to opt for a program of their choice. However the Skymiles programs are exclusively for Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members. “Pay with Miles” enables the customer to choose when and how they want to use the miles.

Delta Skymiles Bill Pay schedule

Delta Skymiles Bill Pay Credit Cards

 Delta SkyMiles Credit Card: “Pay with Miles” International is a program which is designed for Delta SkyMiles” credit Card holders, and who are International travelers. It has benefit for members with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card. These cards have no blackout dates or inventory restrictions. “Pay with Miles International” has easy steps to follow, first log in at with SkyMiles Account number, pin or password and choose from the options and continue with the booking of ticket.

Delta Skymiles Bill Pay mytrip

 Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card: The customer pays nothing the first year and there-after is a fee. This is again a bonus incentive card earning miles for almost everything bought. This card enables the passenger to get priority boarding, 24/7 roadside assistance, 24/7 global hotline assistance, discounted admission to SkyClubs.

Platinum Delta Skymiles Credit Card has an annual fee of $150 and has a long list of benefits and privileges.

Delta Reserve Credit Cards also come with a string of benefits for the travelers. The concept behind all these incentive-based pay programs is to stay competitive with the competitors without compromising on quality services.

For more information contact:

By Mail
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
SkyMiles Account Support, Dept. 654
P.O. Box 20532
Atlanta, GA 30320-2532

By Fax