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The Credit First National Association, in addition to providing personalized credit cards, also offers easy-to-use bill payments services to choose from. There are three main modes of payment that are available.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay Options

CFNA ONLINE PAYMENT: After the initial registration of the credit card has been done by the customer, the online mode of payment is made available.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay register

Navigating through the different menu options on the home page of the online account screen, will guide the customer to the payment screen wherein the details such as Payment Amount, Payment Date, Routing Number and Checking Account Number etc. are to be provided. The next step would be to verify and confirm the details provided. The online payment is then authenticated by the system and once everything is verified, the payment goes through.

Credit First National Association Bill Pay

The online payment method, while being a convenient mode of payment, also has apre-requisite. This mode of payment can be made only when the bill amount is ten dollars or more. While mentioning the date of payment, the customer has an option to choose a date either for an immediate payment or delay the payments up to six months by opting for a future date. The payment would be made on the date specified. Once the payment has been scheduled for a specific date, the customer also has the option of editing or deleting this schedule by logging into the online account. With the flexibility available and easy setup, the online payment is an appealing way of making the payments for the card.

PAYMENT BY MAIL: The other method of payment which the customers can avail is the payment by check or money order to

P.O Box number 44188-0344
Cleveland, Ohio

Although this mode of payment might be perceived to be more time consuming as compared to the online payment, it is still is a preferred way for many

PAYMENTS THROUGH ELECTRONIC DEBITS: The third mode of payment available to the customers is to contact the CFNA customer care and schedule a payment through the bank account. By calling a toll free number, 1-800-321-3950 customers can provide the details regarding their bank, their checking accounts, payment amount, credit card etc. and through a debit from the specified account, the payment would be complete.

With the multiple modes of payment available to choose from, the customers can select the one which is suitable to them and also if need be, switch to a different mode of payment at a later point in time. Through these additional benefits Bridgestone and CFNA look at delivering additional value to its customers.

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