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Assume you want to travel to a place for your business or personal purpose in the evening and you do not have time to visit the airline company’s office and book ticket, what are the options that you have? Well, the best option you have is to buy your ticket online, and the best place to do so is the United Airlines online website. There is no denying the fact that United Airlines offer peerless in-flight services and is one of the leading airlines in the country and with the addition of its highly efficient online booking and billing mechanism, United Airlines have reached a new level. The company offers a fast, reliable and fully secured billing procedure that includes special offers and discounts along with the company’s mileage plus program aimed at giving more and more back to the frequent flyers.

United Airlines Bill Payment and Billing  service :

First of all, you need to log-in to your account on the official website of United Airlines. The log-in procedure is necessary to make sure the billing procedure is carried out without any halt.

United Airlines Bill Payment

All you need to do to is to complete your registration by providing some basic registered details of your account.

United Airlines Bill Payment register

  • Then you are required to select the details of your journey such as the destination, date of travel to view the list of flights that might interest you.
  • The various flights on the particular day, between the two provided places are made available on a new page. The price, time etc of these flights vary on different aspects.
  • After selecting the flight that best suits your time and wallet, you can move forward to the payment procedure.
  • You can pay through credit card or if you are a mileage plus program member, you can even use the company’s credit card to pay the amount.
  • United Airlines provides special deal and offers to its users and credit card holders. You can even use the company’s credit cards to get free travel miles.
  • United Airlines also allows transactions through credit/debit cards of all the major banks in the nation that fall under the norms of U.S federal bodies.

For those who have booked their ticket in person from the United Airlines office, all the options of payment such as cash, company’s credit cards or bank credit cards is open. The money will be deducted from your account if you choose to pay from credit card.

For more information one can contact:

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United Airlines, Inc.
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United Airlines, Inc.
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