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My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment Methods

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The first Premier Bank aggressively follows the policies to create customer friendly banking and provides the maximum facilities to make payments with the First Premier Credit Card. Aside from the routine banking services First Premier Bank has a long list of added advantages for the customer’s convenience. The first Premier Credit Card can be easily obtained with a simple procedure and this opens the doors for the customer to excellent banking facilities.

The customer first open up a personal online banking account and then can enroll for the First Premier Bank’s Free Online Billing. To enroll for online Personal Bill Pay:

  • Simply sign in for online banking account as shown below.
  • Press the pay button to make online payments.

My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment

On the sign in screen, use the enroll now button to get to the registration page.

My Premier Credit Card Bill Payment register

Some of the salient features of Personal Online Bill Pay are:

One password and the online account is accessed for payments through online banking.

Customers can schedule payments that need to be paid the following day.

  • No more check payments.
  • Anyone can be paid with online banking.
  • All kinds of bills can be paid.
  • Recurring and single payments can be set up.
  • No mail delays.
  • History of bills stays tracked.
  • Bills can be paid from checking accounts.
  • Through e-bills electronic bills are received.
  • E-bills can be stored up to 24 hours.
  • Funds can be transferred to any account of any financial institution form First Premier Bank and into First Premier Bank account.
  • Money can be kept in account until the biller receives the funds for the payment.
  • Free of cost personal online statements.
  • Personal information data is protected and secured.
  • Unauthorized people cannot get access to information.
  • Information is removed from the internet within 24 hours.

The First Premier Credit Card is another convenient way to make online bill payments. The customers have access to their personal accounts information can accordingly work on their purchasing and payment plans. Below is a list of facilities available for the customer by signing in for The First Premier Bank Card:

Pay online bills:

  • Customer gets e-mail and mobile phone credit card alerts.
  • Receives signals for purchase ceiling in dollar amount before payment is due or the customer is getting close to his credit limits.
  • Current balance is available.
  • Amount of available credit information is provided.
  • Online statements.
  • Record transactions and payment history.
  • Make payments through mobile phone.

First Premier Bank master Card credit card has no interest if balance is cleared every month.

Other Payment Options

Pay by mail: Customers can make payments to the address below.

First Premier Bank
P.O. Box 5524
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5524

Pay in person: There is also the option of making payments on payment drop points like:

First Premier
3820 N. Louise Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107


First Premier
1400 Mickelson Drive
Watertown, SD 57201


First Premier
800 Cottonwood Lane
Dakota Dunes, SD 57049


First Premier
1000 18th St. SW
Huron, SD 57350

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  1. Yes I just received my card today. Thinking there were funds in my checking account I went ahead and paid the processing fee of $95
    Come to find out there are no funds in my checking account. I called costumer service and informed them of my situation. I asked them to cancel the payment but they said it couldn’t be cancelled because it was already in the processing mode. I do not want my new account closed because of this. Come Monday Feb29th 2016 I will be making the payment in full with my debit card. Hopefully this message will reach the main person that is handling my account. Thank you

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