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Just like many retail chains, Nordstrom offers you a credit card for retail purchases in their store. You will find many perks with a Nordstrom Credit Card that help you earn points for even more savings. You can also save on your Nordstrom card by siging up for an online account to pay your bill. With an online account you are able to manage every aspect of your account from viewing your history and pending charges, make payments, sign up for paperless billing and much more. This article will discuss every option you have for making your Nordstrom credit card payment with no hassle.

Nordstrom Bill Payment Options

Online Account:  If you dont want to have to worry any longer about your payments being late, due to the snail mail, then sign up with a Nordstrom Online account. With an online account you are able to access all of your information twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You will be able to manage your profile information, change banking information, make payments, view current and past billing history, and even sign up for paperless billing. With paperless billing you can help reduce paper waste and improve the environment. Paperless billing allows you to receive your statement in your email account each month when it is ready for viewing. You will then be able to make your payments. Paperless billing is the most secure method for making payments to your Nordstrom card, because it does not put your personal information out in the public as it moves from place to place. Nordstrom offers you the highest encryption to make sure that your account is safe and secure.

If you dont have an online account already with Nordstrom, you will need to enroll. Enrollment is easy and only takes a minute.

Nordstrom Bill Pay register


Once you enroll you will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive this email you will be able to complete your registration and be on your way to bill pay freedom.

If you already have a Nordstrom online account and need to sign in you can follow this link:

Nordstrom Bill Pay

Pay Through The Mail: Each month you will recieve a statement from Nordstrom about two weeks before you payment is due. With your statement you will receive an pre-addressed envelope in which you can return your payment. You will need to make sure to return your payment using a check or money order and not to send cash in the mail When you return your payment you will want to write your account number on your payment method to speed up the processing. Be sure to mail your payment back with plenty of time, to avoid any late fees. If you need the address to make your payment you can send it to.

Nordstrom credit card payments
Post Office Box 79134
Phoenix, Arizona 85062-9134.

Payments Over The Phone: Nordstrom customer service representative are always ready to take your payment over the phone. If you would like to make a payment over the phone you can do so by calling their toll free number at: 800-964-1800

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