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Kenergy is a provider of electricity in the state of Kentucky. Being a cooperative, the primary purpose of the company is to ensure reliable supply of electricity to its members. Today, Kenergy services more than 55,000 customers with about 7,000 miles of distribution power lines.

Kenergy Bill Pay Options

If you just moved into the Kenergy service area and you are thinking of applying for a new service, you might also want to know about the different payment options offered by the company. As a customer of Kenergy, you can pay your monthly electricity bills through any one of the following methods:

Online: You can pay your bills online by using the online payment facility offered by Kenergy. Once you open an online account, you can use it to pay your electricity bills by using your credit card or bank account. If you are somebody who is always busy with work and find it hard to make time to pay your bills by going to their office/payment location, then this is the right option for you. To register for an account, visit –

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If you already have an account, login to pay your bill.

Kenergy Bill Pay

Budget Billing plan: Use this plan to keep your monthly bill amount constant. this is a very suitable option for budget conscious customers. Under this plan, a customer will pay a fixed amount for 11 months. During the 12th month, the customer may be liable to pay the remaining amount in full or will be eligible for a refund, depending on their actual energy consumption. This plan is only provided for single phase accounts.

Bank Draft: This is a very simple payment method. Here the customer allows Kenergy to withdraw the monthly bill amount from a pre approved bank account. Since this is an automatic process, the customer will not have to worry about making payments every month once the system is set up. If you are looking for a payment option that has the least amount work, then this is it.

If you are unable to pay your bills on the due date, you will be charges a late payment fee at 5% of your bill amount. If you know that you might be late in paying your bill, the better option will be to contact customer service and ask them to arrange for a Partial Payment Plan. Under this option, you will be required to pay off your past dues in smaller installments over a period of time. They must however agree to continue paying their current charges each month together with the plan payments.

However, if you are going through a very tough financial situation, you can apply for energy assistance programs. The WinterCare Energy Fund is an initiative from Kenergy customers and employees aimed at assisting the people who are struggling with their bill payments. Another good program is the federally funded Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP). Once you qualify their income criteria, you can be sure of getting financial assistance to pay off your bills.

For any queries regarding payments or billing, you can contact the customer care number at 1-800-844-4832 for further assistance.

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