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Idaho power is a generator, transmitter and distributor of electricity base in Boise, Idaho. The company was registered in the year 1915. Idaho power has 17 hydro electric power plants of its own and also generates electricity through 2 gas power stations. Idaho power is the major electric utility company that supplies electricity to Oregon and Southern Idaho. Idaho power operates in a total area of 62,000 km2 and distributes electricity near the regions that surround Snake River and its tributaries.

How to pay your Idaho Power bills?

Idaho power distributes electricity to a user base of over 480, 000. When catering to such a user base, a company knows that different people find different modes of payment as most convenient to them. Idaho power gives its customers many bill payment options through which they can pay their electric bills. If you are a customer of Idaho power, you can pay your bill through following mediums – Bill payment by phone, Bill payment at Drop boxes, Bill payment by mail, Online Bill payment and Bill payment at Pay stations.

Bill payment by phone: A customer at Idaho power can use the phone payment facility to pay their electric bills. If you want to pay your Idaho power electric bill through phone, you can call 1-800-829-5415, where an automated voice will guide you to bill payment and you can pay your bill by entering your Credit or Debit card details. The phone payment facility is charged a transaction fee of $2.85 per payment by Idaho Power.

Bill Payment at Drop Boxes: Idaho power has installed many drop boxes in Oregon and southern Idaho, in which customers can deposit their bill with the bill stub. The location of these drop boxes can be found on Idaho Power website. The customers are requested to drop their bills only with checks.

Bill payment by Mail: Idaho power sends self addressed return envelope with every paper bill it sends to its customers. A customer can enclose their check or money order in this envelope along with bill stub that contains your account details. If you have lost or not received the envelope, you can send your payments directly to –

IdaCorp – Processing Center,
Post Office Box no. 34966,
Seattle, WA 98124-1966.

Online bill payments: If you want to pay your Idaho power electric bill online, you can do so at Idaho power website that uses third party payment services or by directly visiting .

A customer will first need to create an account by providing Idaho power electric Account details and E-mail ID.

IdaCorp Power Bill Pay register

Once the account is verified, one can go on and login to pay their bills by using a Credit or Debit card.

IdaCorp Power Bill Pay

Bill Payment at Pay stations: Idaho power has an alliance with many local outlets and businesses, where a customer can pay their Idaho Power electric Bills. The Locations of these Pay stations can be found on Idaho power website. You will require furnishing your Idaho power account details while paying the bill at these pay stations.

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