HSBC Bill Payment Methods

HSBC logoThe Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is a Financial Services Corporation and is a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings United Kingdom. To enable the customers pay their bill effortlessly, HSBC has developed a smooth BILL pay system. You no longer need to buy any stamps as you receive electronic statements plus pay bills to anyone from anywhere and anytime online. Moreover, the customers are privileged to use the online service free of charge. They are in control of the payments made, who gets paid and when. The payments are not delayed and in case the payment is late, then HSBC will pay the penalty or related charges for the late arrival of payment.

The customers are covered with Online Guarantee against unauthorized misuse or access and have zero liability. The customers of HSBC are confident that their information data is safe and secure because it is protected by state-of-the-art technology.

How to Make Online Payments

In order to avail the online Bill Pay facility, the customer simply has to logon to their Personal Internet Banking.

HSBC Bill Pay


Once you’ve logged in

  • Click “Pay Bill”
  • “Add a Payee” from the list which is programmed to show a list of routinely or regularly paid people or companies.
  • It is important to mark the correct payee, fill the right dollar amount and payment processing date.
  • Click continue and confirm payment details to ensure there are no errors and then click submit

If you’ve not et up an account, register as shown below.

HSBC Bill Pay register

As a member of personal internet banking you can receive e-statements for eligible checking, savings, select credit and credit accounts. With the e-statements, it is easy for customer to view, download or print an electronic statement

You can also make bill payments through your cell phone, by registered with Personal Internet Banking. Once this procedure is complete you’ll be able to pay bills over the phone, view transactions, and transfer funds between HSBC linked accounts and receive secure Bank mail.

Reviews on Household Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Methods

HSBC logoThe Household Bank was merged with HSBC and the latter provides a variety of cards to suit their customer needs. The banks also provide multiple options for its users to make their credit card payment.


Household Bank/ HSBC Bill Pay Option

Personal Internet Banking: Credit card owners can use the Personal Internet banking option to make their credit card payments. For this, they will have to log in to their account and then click the “Transfers” button on the left navigation bar to schedule the bill payment.

HSBC Bill Pay1If you do not have an online account already, one can register as shown.

HSBC Bill Pay register2

Auto Payment: Customers can also schedule their online card payments in such a way that the bills are paid off regularly on a pre-scheduled date selected by the card holder.

Mail: Customers can also send their money order or checks to the address below.

Santander Consumer USA
PO Box 660633
Dallas, TX 75266-0633

Telephone: HSBC customers are assigned a Telephone Access Code. Clients can use this code as authentication during telephone banking to transfer money from their deposit account to their credit accounts. Users can call the US Customer Service Center at 888-385-8916

Branches: Finally, the user can also make their payments the old fashioned way- by going to a local branch. To identify a branch near you, visit the following webpage: