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Mint logoMint is an online financial application that aims to help people manage their spending effectively. You can manage your bills, monitor your investments and do much more with Mint. It has been selected as one of the best online tools for personal finance by The Wall Street Journal.

Features of Mint

Accounts in One Place: Using Mint, you can pull all your financial information in one place, thereby giving you a bird’s eye of your financial position. You connect almost every US checking account, credit card, retirement accounts or more to your Mint account.

Auto Categorize: Once you link your account, Mint will automatically categorize and continually update your financial information. You have the freedom to rename or re-categorize any transaction. You can also add your own categories to your Mint account and the system will automatically apply the same whenever required.

Easy Budget: With Mint, you can easily calculate your average spending by category. You can then compare it with historical spending data and determine if you are making any unnecessary expenses. As such, you have the ability to easily plan ahead, set up savings targets and making sure that the targets are reached. The system can also show you how your spending habits will affect your financial position at the end of the year.

Alerts & Reminders: Mint allows you to set more than 20 different types of alerts and reminders. Using this feature, you will be constantly be reminded of your approaching bill payments, overdue bills or when your account balance is low. Setting up bill reminder is a good way to remember paying your bills on time and avoiding late fees.

Safe & Secure: Mint uses 128 bit encryption technology to completely secure your data.Plus, since Mint is a “read only” service, no one can move any funds to any account. As such, you can confidently use Mint with the knowledge that not even a single dime from any of your account will ever be in any risk.

Graphs: Mint’s powerful graphing capabilities makes it easier to visualize your spending. As such, you can instantly understand how your spending and income affect your financial position.

Savings: Mint can help you save money. It can analyze your credit accounts, mortgages etc to see if any better deal is available elsewhere. If so, you can then change to the better financing option of required.

Monitor Investments: You can also monitor your investments with Mint. Compare your portfolio with market benchmarks to see if your investments are out-performing or under-performing. Mint Bill Pay will also show you the fees associated with the your investments that may not have been aware of.

Access Anywhere: You can access your Mint account on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. As such, you will constantly be in touch with your finances.

Free: You can enjoy all features of Mint absolutely free. You will not be required to shell out any joining fee or subscription fee. You can use mint as long as you want without paying a single cent. This is possible because Mint makes money on the recommendations it gives you. If you act on the recommendations, they get paid a small fee by the company being recommended.

To sign up for Mint, use the sign up button on to register an account as shown below.

Mint Bill Pay register

Once you have registered, use the login link to login to your account. This link will lead you to the login page.

Mint Bill Pay

For more information contact them via the address below.

P.O. Box 60824
Palo Alto, CA
94306 United States

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