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If you are getting married soon, you know just how fast things can add up. And sometimes using credit is the option you need to use to make it all happen. If you have a Davids Bridal Credit Card you will know just easy they make it for you to purchase all your bridal party needs. You will find that using the card, makes it real easy to make your dream wedding happen. But when it is all over, you will need to know where to make payments on your Davids Bridal Credit Card. This article will give you the information you need to pay on your Davids Bridal Credit Card. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about making your David’s Bridal credit card payment along with links to their online bill pay.

You said I can pay my Davids Bridal Bill Pay online?

Yes, you can register for an online account with David’s Bridal. With an online account you will be able to make your payments, manage the personal details of your account, view your current and past billing history and even enroll in paperless billing. If you are not already a David’s Bridal Online account holder, you will need to register for an online account. Doing so is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. When you go to sign up you will need your account number.

Davids Bridal Bill Pay register

You will also need to create a username and password. Paying your bill online gives you the freedom to make payments when it is most convenient for you to do so. Your payments will generally post the same day so if you are running behind you can make a payment and rest assured that you will not have to worry with it being late. If you would like to register for an online account you may follow this link now. If you already have an online account and would like to sign in do it as shown below.

Davids Bridal Bill Pay

Is there any way for me to make a payment over the phone?

Absolutely! If you would like to make a payment over the phone the friendly customer service staff will be glad to assist you with this type of payment. You may use your credit or debit card to make a payment. To make a payment over the phone you simply need to call 866-891-3458

Will I receive a billing statement in the mail?

Yes, every month you will receive your billing statement in the mail. You will then be able to return your check or money order payment in the pre-addressed envelope provided. You will want to make sure to send your payment out with around five business days for it to reach the office. This will ensure that you will not be taking a chance of your payment being late and incurring interest charges on your card. If you need the address to mail your payment you can find that below.

David’s Bridal
Post Office Box 659450
San Antonio, Texas 78265

Is there any way for me to make my payment in the David Bridal Store?

Currently at this time payments are not accepted in store.

How can I contact customer service regarding my account?

You can contact customer service by calling 866-891-3458. Operating hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00am to 9:00pm. The office is closed on Sunday’s. There is an automated service with this number that is available to you twenty four hours a day seven days a week. If you would like a customer care address to correspond with you can write them at

Comenity Capital Bank
Post Office Box 183003
Columbus, Ohio 43218-3003

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