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People who currently or have previously worked for American Airlines are able to get the information they want about AA flights and even 401K plans by visiting This service is available 24/7 allowing them to access the information when it suits them most. On this site they are also able to contact and find out information about the Human Resources department and find out employee information in their own time.

How do I sign up?

To use you will first need to register for an online account. You will need to have to hand your employee or contractor number so that it can be verified that you are currently or were an employee. Once you have entered your worker number press submit and create your user ID. On this page you will also be asked for a password. Choose one that is memorable to you, but not easy for others to guess.

For added security, you will then be asked for security questions. These should be things that you know the answer to such as your mother’s maiden name or childhood best friend so that should you forget your password, the information can be used to reset it. Once completed, you will be taken to the user agreement page, which you should read before using the site and agree to.

American Airlines JetNet

How to log in after registration

Once registered it is fast and simple to log into your account. All you will need is your user identity and password that will have been set up when registering. Because you only need two bits of information to log in, it is a great way for those who are not internet savvy to also benefit from the benefits the site has to offer existing and retired employees. If you have forgotten your password then you can click here. On this page you will be asked for your employee/contractor number. After pressing submit to continue, you will also need to answer the security questions that you set up when registering.

American Airlines JetNet register

You will find that the restrictions and rules are quite tight. The reason for this is that the information on the site is meant only for those who are currently or have retired from working at American Airlines.

What are the benefits to being American Airlines JetNet online member?

Existing employees will be jetting off all over the world, so making calls to make inquiries can work out expensive. Using the online service is free of charge and so long as you have internet access you will be able to access it from wherever you are in the world and be able to log into your account without having to verify your identity.

Because it is available around the clock your work schedule will not affect you finding out updates to the information or delay it until you return home. Brushing up on employee information is simple and fast too, and you can always refer back to it whether you are home or away. If this does not work, one can always visit their offices at:

Physical Address
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard, MD 5675
Fort Worth, TX 76155

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