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Union Plus Bill Payment Options

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Union Pus is a subsidiary of Affinity plus Federal Credit Union, a Union based in Minnesota U.S. The union launched Union Plus as a credit card issuer for Union members and their families. The company uses the strength of unions and purchasing power of more than 13 million union members to negotiate good programs at competitive prices. The Quality programs and services offered by Union plus Cards promote better lifestyles for working families – including scholarships, travel discounts, auto insurance, financial services, legal service, everyday savings, hardship assistance and much more. Plus the consumer tips and resources offered by Union Plus help union members make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Union Plus Bill Payment Options

Union members get a lot of convenient options to pay their Union plus Credit Card bills, additionally members also get 24/7 support if they face any difficulty in paying their union plus credit card bills. If you are union member, you can pay your Union plus Credit Card Bill through any of the following convenient options:

Online bill payment services, Bill payment by Phone, Bill payment by mail, bill payment at the counter, one time bill payment.

Online bill payment services – Union members can pay their Union plus credit card bill online by registering for the online bill payment service on Union Plus website or directly visiting the page – http://www.unionpluscard.com/paymentcenter . New members will have to submit their card details for registration.

Union Plus Bill payment Options register

Once registration is done, users can check their Union plus account online and make the bill payment for the Union Plus credit card.

Union Plus Bill payment Options

Bill Payment by phone – You can pay your union card bills through phone by dialing 1-800-622-2580 / 24 Hours/day, 7 Days/week. An automated voice will guide you in entering your Union Plus card details and paying your bills through electronic transfers.

Bill payment by mail – Union Plus sends a self addressed return envelope along with the credit card paper bill it sends to member each month. A member can use the envelope for paying his / her bill by enclosing a check or draft of the bill amount along with the card details and sending it to Union Plus. Customers who haven’t received or lost the envelope can also send their bill payments directly to-

Card Services,
Post Office Box no. 60501,
City of Industry, CA 91716-0501.

Payments sent through post may take up to 5 days for processing.

Bill payment at the counter – Customers can also pay their Union plus credit card bill by cash at any of the Union’s counter. While paying the bills at counters, customers will need to fill in the form mentioning the details of their Union plus Credit card. A convenience fee is charged for bill payments made at counter.

One time bill payment – One time bill payments can be made by visiting Union Plus website. You will need to enter the details of your Union Plus credit card and make an online transfer for one time bill payment, an online receipt for the bill payment will be sent to your email Id.

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