MyDISH Bill Payment Options

MyDISH logoThe Dish Network was founded in 1980 by Charlie Ergen, Jim DeFranco and Candy Ergen. They provide a satellite service via direct broadcasting. Since their founding they have grown from strength to strength and now provide over 14 million people with its broadcasting services. Their headquarters are in Colorado and to date they have over 34,000 employees giving customers of America the best service possible. Their aims for the near future are to also offer an internet, telephone and mobile phone service.

MyDISH Bill Pay Options

To cater for all customers’ needs and preferences they offer a range of payment options. The options are to pay online through their website, over the phone, automatic bank transfer, in person at a retail location or by post.

Pay online: With most people now using the internet to pay for their purchases the option to pay online for most is fast, convenient and gives them control over when they pay no matter their responsibilities elsewhere. To pay this way they first have to set up an account by creating an online id:

MyDISH Bill Pay register

Once the customer does this they will be able to have their details saved so they do not have to enter them every time they want to check their account.

MyDISH Bill Pay

Pay by phone: So long as the customer has their account number and a credit or debit card they will be able to make their payments over the phone. Phone payments can be made by dialing 800-333-3474. Customers have two choices once connected. They can either pay through the automated service to save time or speak to a member of staff.

Pay by automatic bank transfer: With both women and men in the family going out to work, being able to pay bills between the hours of 9 and 5 is near impossible, as is remembering the dates all bills are due throughout the month. One way to pay to eliminate any worry at all is to arrange an automatic bank transfer. It can be arranged around the day that the customer’s money is paid into their account, so as long as the account is in credit, the customer can rest assured that their bill will always be paid on time. To set up an automatic bank transfer customers need to sign into their account and click the account preferences button.

Pay in person: Those who like the personal touch of making transactions face to face can pay at a retail store that offers the service. The site offers a payment point finder: which will find the nearest store to the customer in seconds just by entering their zip code.

Pay by post: Customers, who prefer, can pay for their bill by using the postal service. To ensure payments arrive in time and no late payment fees are applied to the account it is a good idea to send the payment well in advance, taking into account the mail service timeframe and the time it takes to process the payment method. Before sending, customers should ensure that they include their details so that the payment can be applied to the right account. The address to send post payments to is determined by the area the customer lives in. They can find out the correct address by checking online: