Knoxville Utilities Board Bill Payment Methods

Knoxville Utilities Board logoKUB has discovered that their customer priorities are their number one concern they are always focused on how they can make their relations with their customers even better. They have dedicated themselves to show their customers that their lives are important too and they want them to receive the best of customer service they can give. They have came up with some great ways to make your bill payment options much easier that will help your decision become one you want to make and not one you dread. In this article you will discover all the great options that KUB has to offer you.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay Options

With KUB you have several options to choose from. You can choose auto-pay, select pay, Bill Matrix, Payment Kiosks, payment centers and mail.

How can I use Auto Pay to make my payments?

With this free service from KUB you can have your bank account drafted each month when your bill is due. You will continue to receive a billing statement in the mail, but you will notice that your statement say amount to be drafted.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

If you want to sign up for autopay you must first register for an online account or fill out the form on the back of your billing statement. You will need to include a voided check or deposit slip when signing up. If you want to create and account and sign up for auto pay you can do it here:

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay register

What is Billmatrix?

WIth KUB’s billmatrix you can make a payment online with a credit or debit card. You can even use paypal to make payments through bill matrix. These payments can be made over the phone or online. There is a $3.50 processing fee for using Bill matrix. You can make a payment over the phone using Billmatrix by calling 1-800-405-7951, using KUB automated phone service by calling 1-865-524-2911. To pay online you must register for an account or login to your existing one here:

How can I use the Kiosk System?

You will find that KUB has several Kiosk available for you to make payments throughout the Knoxville area. There is a service fee of $1.95 per transaction. If you pay more than your bill, you will receive a credit toward your balance. These kiosks are available to you twenty four hours a day in many locations, and your payment is credited to your account almost immediately. If you want to find a Kiosk near you, visit this page:

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay onetime

Where are the payment locations where i can make a payment in person?

There are two locations where you can make your payments in person. One is Asheville Highway payment center. This is located in the Houston shopping center at:

4218 Asheville Hwy,
Knoxville Tennessee

Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5. The other location is at Western Avenue Payment Center at 4428 Western Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee. Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 p.m

Where can I mail my payments to?

You can always mail your check or money order payment to

Post Office Box 59017
Knoxville, Tennessee 37950-9017

How can I contact KUB?

If you need to contact customer service you can reach them by calling 1-865-524-2911

You can also contact them through the online form here:

Kissimmee, FL Utility Authority (KUA) Bill Payment Options

Kissimmee, FL Utility Authority logoKissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) is tasked with the operation and management of the municipal electric system in the city of Kissimmee, Florida. KUA is the 6th largest utility in the state of Florida, provides its services to around 58,000 customers in the region.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay Options

In case you have moved to the city of Kissimmee and applied for KUA’s service, then you may want to know the various bill payment options you have. Kissimmee Utility Authority offers the following ways by which you can pay your bill:

Online: Pay your electricity bill online with the e-bill facility provided by Kissimmee utility Authority. You can either make a one time payment or opt to open an online account and then pay your bill.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay onetime

Accepted forms of payment include e-checks and credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Discover. If you are somebody who is always hard pressed for time, then this is your best payment option since you can pay your bill at anytime you want. To register for an online account, visit –

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay registerOnce registered one can login and make the payment using the system as shown.

Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Pay

By Phone: If you want to pay by phone, just call the customer service center at 877-582-7700 and use your credit card or checking account to process your payments. A very convenient option for those who are not too great at using their computers.

By Mail: You can also make your payments by Mail. Send in your checks to –

Kissimmee Utility Authority,
1701 W.Carroll St,
Kissimmee, Florida 34741

If you don’t like paying your bills through the internet or phone, you can use this option.

In Person: You can also pay your bill in person at the company office anytime between 07:00AM to 06:00 PM. If in case you want to pay after 06:00 PM, do not worry, you can use the 24 hour dropbox located in the building.

Amscot Locations: If you happen to live or work near an Amscot Financial branch, you are in luck since you can just walk in and pay your bill without any charge. This is useful if you wish to pay in person but do not want to go to the company office.

If you fail to pay your bill long after due date, your connection may be cut off. After which you will be required to pay a reconnection fee in addition to the past dues if you want the service restarted. If you paid your bill through check, ensure that your bank account has the cash. If the check bounces, then you will be charged a Returned payment fee of $25 or more. If you are going through a very tough rime financially, then you can apply for energy assistance to pay your bills. Programs like the Good Neighbor Energy Fund and the federally backed LIHEAP are designed to assist low income households in paying their energy bills

If you have any further questions regarding billing, payments or other matter, you can call the toll free customer service number at 877-582-7700