Humana Bill Payment Methods

Humana  logoHumana does not make bill payment readily apparent. Signing up helps in this respect. Humana bill individuals and employers monthly and so the bill can be replied to with payment.

Humana states in their FAQ that they prefer employers pay using the Employer Self-Service Center: Once registered for the tool, employers have several tasks which they can perform. Statements can be received online and recent terminations can be viewed. Invoices can be downloaded for reconciliation and online payment options are available. There is another choice if online billing isn’t the way to go for your company.

Upon receiving your bill, you will be given the option to pay by check. Pay the full amount in the “Please Pay Total Amount Due” field. Write the group number on the check and include the remittance slip at the bottom of the first page of the bill. If you are paying for more than one group, include a separate check for each group and write the each group’s number on a separate check, or write one check and include a statement as to how the payment should be applied.

Registering for the self-service portal

To register for the Humana Employer Self-Service Portal, you can go to this link: and gather the necessary information as described in bullet points on the page.

Humana Bill Payment Options register

You will need your Humana group number and your zip code. Your answer to the secret question you received with enrollment packet is also required.

It will take about five minutes to enter and verify this information as well as username, password, and security question. Additionally, you will need to accept the online agreements pertaining to the use and services of the Humana Employer Self-Service Portal.

Once you have finished signing up and completing the forms and agreements, you will have full access to all the services provided by the online portal. These options are listed above and include online payment and retrieval of billing documents.

Humana Bill Payment Options

As an individual, how do I pay my other medical bills using Humana Bill Payment Options?

With HumanaAccess Visa Debit Card, you can pay your medical bills whenever you need to. Most doctor’s offices will send you a bill and from there you will write the card number on the bill and send it that way. Some offices will require you to pay on location, in this case just give them the HumanaAccess Visa Debit Card as payment. You can also pay with a different card, or with cash, and file for reimbursement.

Upon receiving your HumanaAccess Visa Debit Card in mail, you can activate it and use it immediately. If you receive more than one card, you need only activate one them in order for all cards to work.

HumanaAccess Visa Debit Card makes it possible to pay your bill without the hassle of filing a claim for reimbursement. Simply provide your card number, and if you have several cards within one bill you can use any card, and your payment will be taken care of.

Incase of any issues one can contact the following addresses:

Humana medical claims:

Humana Claims
P.O. Box 14601
Lexington, KY 40512-4601

HumanaDental® claims:

HumanaDental Claims
P.O. Box 14611
Lexington, KY 40512-4611

Humana encounters:

Humana Claims/Encounters
P.O. Box 14605
Lexington, KY 40512-4605

Claim overpayments:

P.O. Box 931655
Atlanta, GA 31193-1655

HumanaOne claim submissions:

P.O. Box 14635
Lexington, KY 40512-4635