Gridley Municipal Utilities Bill Payment Options

Gridley Municipal Utilities logoThe Gridley municipality supplies water, electricity and other utility services for the city of Gridley, California. It serves around 2000 residents of its city. Gridley municipal utilities aim to provide the best quality services for its citizens

If you are moving into their service area, you might be planning to use their service. For that, you first need to fill an application form requesting for their service and send it to their office. You can find the application form at:

Gridley Municipal Utilities Bill Pay Options

Gridley municipal utilities only offers two payment solutions to its residents for making utility payments

Online: To pay online, you must first register for an online account. You must know your customer ID before you can open an online account.

Gridley Municipal Utilities Bill Pay register

Once registered, you can then log in and make payments for your utility bills. To register an account, click here:

Gridley Municipal Utilities Bill Pay

This is the easiest payment option since you will not have to make time and go to their office to make your bill payments. You can use your internet to pay your bills from anywhere at anytime.

In Person: The next and only other option is to visit the Gridley municipality office and pay your bills. The office is located at –

685 Kentucky Street,
Gridley, CA 95948

This is a good option for those who do not want to pay online.

Other Charges To Bill Amount

There are a number of different fee that may be charged to you by Gridley municipal utilities. If you fail to pay your bills on time, you may be charged $15 as delinquent notice fee. If a field collection agent comes to collect your bill amount, you will be liable to pay an extra $50. However, if the collector is from an outside agency, you are required to pa only $15. If you paid by check and it returns, then you will be charged a returned payment fee of $25. For the second returned payment, you will be charged $10. If after everything, you still do not pay your bill, your services may be cut off and the delivery of termination notice will cost you $50. The final termination notice will also cost you $50. Gridley will also require a non-payment deposit at twice the highest bill amount.

If you are facing any financial difficulties. you can request Gridley municipal utilities to make a payment arrangement. This will essentially break down your dues into smaller installments that you can pay off in time. But if you are still unable to pay, you can check out for any energy assistance programs available in your area. LIHEAP is one such program funded by the Federal Department of Health & Human Services. If you qualify their set criteria, LIHEAP will financially assist you in paying off your energy bills.

For any queries, you can call the Gridley Municipal phone line at 530-846-3631 or email them at [email protected]