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RCN Corporation Bill Pay Payment Methods

RCN – New York City logoFormerly Residential Communications Network, RCN Corporation has been providing telecommunications services to several cities located in a number of states in the US for over two decades now. With its headquarters located in Princeton, NJ, RCN was established in 1993. In 1998, it expanded largely as it acquired several cable and internet companies. It is the first US facilities-based provider of DSL Internet, bundled telephone and Cable TV services. In 2006, RCN already serviced more than 424,000 customers and over 100 cable franchises. With an aim of providing exceptional customer service, RCN is regarded highly by its business and residential customers in Allentown, Pennsylvania; NYC, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington D.C.; and Chicago, Illinois.

RCN – New York City Bill Payment Methods

For the convenience of its customers, RCN provides them with 5 options to pay their monthly bill. These options include paying in person, by mail, by the Corporation’s automated phone system, by mobile, and online.

In Person – There are convenient locations in all of the Corporation’s service areas. The customers can find the list of the payment centers on the Corporation’s website. Among the many payment locations, the customers can find one nearest to their place. They can just leave their payment with the Corporation’s customer service representative. Each payment location accepts money orders, checks or certain credit cards such as the American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards.

By Mail – If customers prefer paying their bill in the traditional way that is through mail, the Corporation will prepare and send them a paper bill through mail every month. Once they have the bill, they can just return the bill stub which is enclosed in the mail along with their payment to RCN. They can make their payments by mail order or by check. Customers who wish to pay by mail can mail their payments to this address:

RCN Corporation,
PO BOX 11816,
Newark, NJ 07101-8116.

By the RCN’s Automated Phone System – RCN customers are provided with a more convenient payment method called the automated phone system. They can make their one-time payments with the use of their debit/credit card through a Customer Service Representative or through RCN’s automated phone system. Only American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards are acceptable. The customers are however required to pay a convenience fee for this type of payment.

By Mobile – By using their MyRCN mobile app, the customers can easily manage their existing respective MyRCN accounts at all times wherever they are. Aside from using this new mobile app to pay their bill, the customers can also view their previous and current statements, update their account information, review their call history and check voicemail.

Online – RCN customers can also pay their bill more conveniently from their computer using the Corporation’s My RCN service. They must have an online account so that they can pay online. They can either pay all their bills at once or monthly. A processing fee is required for one-time payments.

To use the online payment service, customers need to login first through the website.

RCN – New York City Bill Payment

If you an account has not been created yet, register on the site as shown below.

RCN – New York City Bill Payment register

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