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RadioShack Credit Card Bill Payments

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Radioshack is a US based electronics retailer. Founded in 1921, the company is headquartered in the state of Texas. The company also offers a credit card for its customers.

The Radioshack credit card comes with many benefits. When you sign up to be a member, you receive a 10% discount on your first qualifying in store purchase. You also receive 15% off on all store stocked batteries. Plus you also get access to special deals and promotions from time to time.

Radio Shack Bill Pay Options

If you have recently applied for a Radioshack credit card, then you may want to know the various ways by which you can pay your card bills. The following are your options:

Online: This is one of the easiest ways to pay your credit card bills. Once you open an online account, you will have the ability to pay online. You will also be able to view your past statements, download reports and more through your personalized account. If you are the kind of person who is busy with work for most of their day, then this payment option is best suited for you since you have the freedom to pay whenever you want, no matter wherever you are. To register an account, visit:

Radio Shack Bill Pay register

To log in, click on the login option and fill in the details as shown below.

Radio Shack Bill Pay

By Phone: For people who are not comfortable with paying their bills online, you can use the phone payment option. Call 800-843-7422 and follow the instructions to pay your card bills. You may be charged a convenience fee for this service.

Mail: You can also pay through mail. Just send your payments to –

Radioshack, Processing Center,
Des Moines, IA 50364-001

In Store: You can also visit any Radioshack store and pay your bills. This is a very convenient option if there is a Radioshack store near you. To locate a store, visit:

Fee & Other Charges

The Annual Purchase Rate (APR) is charged at 28.99%. This rate could vary according to changes in the Prime Rate. This is one of the highest APR rates when compared against its competitors and can be a big turn off for prospective customers.

If you pay off your card balance within 25 days from the closing of your bill cycle, then you will not be charged any interest

If you fail to pay your card bills on time, then you may be charged a late payment fee of up to $35

Similarly, a $35 fee may also be charged against you in case of any returned payment.

The Card also offers financing options. If you make a purchase worth $150, then you have 6 months to pay off the amount before you are charged any interest. Similarly, for purchases of $300 or more, you have a 12 month period. However, if you fail to pay off your dues within the specified time period, then you may be charged with interest from the date of purchase. For example, if you bought an item for $150 on Jan 2014, then you will have time till June 2014 to pay off the amount. If you fail to do son, then your interest will be calculated from Jan 2014.

If you have further queries with regard to Radioshack credit card and their bill payments, you can contact the customer care center at 800-843-7422 for further assistance.

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