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PNM Gas and Electric Bill Payment Options

PNM gas and electric logoPNM gas and electric Bill Payment Options – Power company servicing Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas in New Mexico.

 PNM is an electric utility company that serves many counties in the state of New Mexico. PNM was founded in 1917 as the Albuquerque Gas and Electric Co. and has undergone several transformations, including name changes, in its history. PNM is one of two subsidiaries of PNM Resources, an investor-owned energy holding company also based in Albuquerque. PNM is also the biggest electric supplier in Albuquerque. Currently PNM serves more than 500, 000 residential and commercial customers in New Mexico.

How to make PNM gas and electric Bill Pay?

Customers of PNM have a variety of convenient options when it comes to bill payments. PNM also has its customer services representatives who ensure that a customer does not faces any problems while payments or transactions both offline and online. A customer of PNM can choose among the following bill payment option that they find most comfortable – Bill payment by post, Bill payment in-person, bill payment through phone, Automatic bill deduction and Bill payment at Pay stations.

Bill payment by Phone: You can pay your PNM electric bill through phone by dialing 1-888-342-5766, where an automated voice will guide you in paying your bills through either Credit card, Debit card or through transfers. PNM charges a convenience fee of $2.95 for each payment hat a customer makes through phone.

Bill payment by post: A customer would be receiving a self addressed envelope from PNM along with the paper bill each month. You can use this envelope to pay your bills by including your checks or money orders along with your bill stub in the envelope and posting it. Customers who have lost or haven’t received the envelope can send their bill payments directly to –

Post Office Box no. 17970,
Denver, CO 80217-0970

Bill payment In-person: You can also pay your electric bills in cash or check directly to PNM by visiting any of their multiple office locations. The full list of the addresses can be found on PNM website. Some of the offices where you can pay the bill if they are located near your neighborhood are

  1. Alvarado Square, 414 Silver Ave. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87101
  2. 650 Fairgrounds Alamogordo, NM 88310

Bill payments at Pay stations: Customers can also pay their PNM electric bills at third party centers with which PNM has an association for payment service. The third party payment services include Wells Fargo and Western Union. You can pay through cash at any of the western union offices in New Mexico, Western Union charges a convenience fee of $1 for each bill paid at its centers. At Wells Fargo the bill payment is free but a customer can only pay through checks or money orders as they don’t accept cash for bill payments.

Automatic Bill deductions: You can also opt for automatic deductions of your PNM electric bills by registering on their website or filling a form at any of their offices. You will need to furnish your bank account details along with relevant information of your electric connection from PNM.

PNM gas and electric Bill Pay

Once registered, your bills will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

PNM gas and electric Bill Pay register

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