Peebles Bill Payment Options

The Peebles credit card bill pay options have been made to suit all types of lifestyles to make it as easy as possible. Gone are the days where you had to find time during your lunch break to make as many calls as possible after getting paid then waiting in queues for it to be your turn. The online payment option is favored because of the round the clock accessibility. It has also been taken into account the amount of people who use their mobile devices so you can pay your bills on the move.

Peebles Bill Payment Options

The Peebles credit card bill pay options are online, automatic bank transfer, telephone and post.

Pay your bill online: If you want the convenience of being able to pay your bill when you want to in only a few clicks then the online option is for you. Before you are able to use the online payment service you will first need to sign up for an online account, which you can do by following the instructions below.

Peebles Bill Payment Options register

You will need to have your account details to hand when registering, but will not need to do so again when you revisit. You will also need your social security number as this will be used to verify your identity. Once you have signed up for this service, you can sign in here using your username and password.

Peebles Bill Payment Options

If you are able to pay before 6pm, Peebles will receive your payment and be able to process it the same day as the payment is made. Any after this time will be credited the following day.

Pay by automatic bank draft: Choosing the automatic bank draft Peebles credit card bill pay option means you don’t have to worry about missing payment date or accruing a late payment fee ever again. You set it up so that payments are taken every month on the same date without you needing to do a thing. You can still sign into your account and check the statements whenever you wish unless you still wish to receive paper statements through the post. You can set up this payment method online or you can phone 1-800-723-4548 to speak to a member of customer services.

Pay by phone: If you have a valid debit/credit card other than your Peebles card, you can make a payment over the telephone. The number to call is 1-800-723-4548 where you will need to follow the prompts to get through to the right department. You will need your account details to hand, so doing so before making the call will save you time.

Post your payment: You can send a check or money order to Peebles to bring your account up to date by sending it to

PO Box 182273,
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

You will need to ensure you add your account number and name to the payment method so that it can be applied to the right account as fast as possible. When using this method you should allow extra time for it to be received and processed to avoid late payment charges on your account.

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