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Palais Royal logoPalais Royal Bill pay options allow cardholders to be able to enjoy all of the usual credit card benefits but get rewards that give them discounts at Palais Royal. The store chain sells mainly ladies clothing and has been around since 1921. They also sell from other stores such as Stage and Peebles as well as Bealls in Texas.

There are many Palais Royal bill pay options which allows cardholders to pay their bill in the most convenient way to them. The payment options are online, phone, mail or in person in store.

Paying your bill online: Before you can pay your bill online, you will first need to set up an online account. The first time you do this, you will need to have your card to hand so that your identity can be verified. You should click here: Comenity.Net/PalaisRoyal-Online-Access-SignUp begin. Once you have set up the online account you will be able to access it by entering your username and password. When you set it up ensure the password will be memorable, but not something that others could easily guess. This will prevent your security from being compromised.

Paying by automatic bank draft: The easiest way to pay your bill is to have it taken from your bank each month on a date that you choose. This will mean you don’t have to worry about forgetting and ending up with a late payment fine. You will be able to do this online once your account is set up or you can call the customer services line on 1-800-367-9284.

Pay by phone: To choose the phone as your Palais Royal bill pay option you will need to hand a valid debit or credit card. You should also have your account details to hand so that the payment can be added to the right account. The number to call to make a payment this way is 1-800-367-9284.

Send your payment by mail: You can post your payment if that is your preferred method, but you should bear in mind that it will take longer for the payment to be reached and processed in comparison to paying any of the other ways. Allow at least 7 days before your bill is due to avoid a late payment fine and also include your account details and name. The address to send your payment to is:

Palais Royal,
P.O Box 659465,
San Antonio, TX 78265.

Pay in person: If you live near to a store then you can pay your bill there. This will mean that you can make the transaction in cash and receive a paper receipt right away. It also means that you can have a good look around the store and take advantage of the rewards you have received as a cardholder. If you usually shop online so are not sure where your nearest store is you can use the online store locator by clicking here: You will need to enter your postcode and then the full address will be supplied for your convenience.

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