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Mississippi Power Company Bill Payment Options

Mississippi Power Company logoMississippi Power is an investor-owned electric utility company where its headquarters is based in Gulfport, Mississippi. The company aims to serve 23 counties in the state and employs 1,253 people to work towards providing the best electric utility service in the region. The company is owned by Southern Company which is based in Atlanta. The company has a number of fossil fuel power plants operating to provide power for the areas of Mississippi.

Mississippi Power Bill Pay Methods

Mississippi Power ensures to provide its consumers with the best electric utility in order for them to lead their lives without hassle. In the same way, the company also ensures that the consumers have ample choices when it comes to bill payments. Payments can be made electronically and in person. Moreover, some conventional methods of making payments are also offered by the company. Below are some of the important ways to make payments in order to pay off outstanding billing amounts:

One Time Online Payment: Online payments have been made possible thanks to the facility of the internet. Consumers need to have a bank account or a credit/debit card to make an online payment. Consumers of the Mississippi Power enjoy the facility of making a one time online payment against their outstanding bill using the online portal. Consumers are required to sign up with the website in order to make an online payment. Users prefer to opt for this method of payment since it is under their control and it is a secure form of payment.

Scheduled Online Payments: Mississippi Power enables its consumers to make scheduled payments which are withdrawn automatically from a source of payment added to the consumer’s account.

Mississippi Power Bill Pay

Consumers need to sign up for automatic payments so that the company is allowed to withdraw payments either from a checking account or a credit/debit card added to the records. The consumer is notified upon withdrawals and due dates.

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BillMatrix: BillMatrix is an online portal dedicated to allow consumers for online payments, viewing billing information and history, contacting the company directly and ensuring that all payments are on record. This online portal is connected with Mississippi Power’s website and can be accessed here.

In-Person Payment Locations: In-Person payments can be made at the authorized locations provided by Mississippi Power. These locations can be found on the company’s website where consumers can search for the nearest location in order to pay their bills personally. This is a secure form of payment because the transaction takes place from one hand to another and a receipt is issued at the time of payment conformation. Consumers do not have to wait on knowing if whether their bills were paid or not.

Postal Payments: Making payments through postal services is a conventional method of making payments. Consumers just have to insert their checks or money orders in the return envelope provided with their bills.

Telephonic Payments: Telephonic payments are considered to be one of the most convenient ways to pay a utility bill. It requires the consumer to pick up the phone and dial a direct number to reach the company’s representative. Payments can be made through a credit or debit card over the phone and an electronic confirmation is issued at the same time as well. For Mississippi Power payment, consumers can dial 1-877-656-1836.

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