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Kia Motors Finance Bill Pay: Introduction to Various Methods

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Owning a Kia Motors Finance Bill Paymentscar is now made even easier on your pocket by Kia Motors Finance. One of Europe’s important financing providers and Kia Motors UK joined together to create the Kia Motors Finance. Kia Motors Finance was established in 1989 and since then it has focused on helping its customers to own a Kia car in the most convenient way possible. It creates an outstanding ownership experience for its customers, both businesses and individuals, by providing them with a wide range of car leasing and finance solutions. Kia Motor Finance aims to provide exceptional value, responsive and reliable service, and expedient account servicing to its customers.

Leasing & Finance Options

Kia Motors Finance gives its customers the chance to select either the leasing option or the financing option. Each option requires different terms of payments. Leasing costs less since the customer returns the car after using it for a certain period of time. This option only requires the customer to pay a certain amount of money until the contract of lease expires. On the contrary, financing requires the customer to pay generally higher monthly payments since the company gives full ownership of the car to the customer upon completion of the payment period.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Payment Methods

Regardless of its customers’ choice of financing, Kia Motors Finance provides several methods for its customers to pay their bills. Its customers can either pay by mail, mobile, CHAPS, autopay, phone, cash, cheque or online.

Mail – Customers can send their lease payments to this address:

Kia Motors Finance,
PO Box 660891,
Dallas, TX 75266-0891

While for their finance payments they can send to address:

Kia Motors Finance,
PO Box 650805,
Dallas TX 75265-0805.

Mobile – Customers can also pay conveniently from their tablet or smartphone.

CHAPS – Payment made by CHAPS is very useful for people selling or buying high value items like a house or a car especially when they not only want an urgent and secure payment but also a guaranteed one on the same day.

AutoPay – Payment is debited automatically from the customer’s bank account through AutoPay. This saves the customer postage and time.

Phone – Another method is by phone. When they make their payments, customers can call the KMF collections department at 1-866-344-5632. A convenience fee is requested for using this service.

Cash – Payments by cash are either sent via Western Union or MoneyGram. To locate a nearby Western Union outlet, customers can call at 1-800-325-6000. They can also call at 1-800-926-9400 while using 3814 as the code to find a nearby MoneyGram outlet. A convenience fee may apply in this type of payment. The customers are advised to include their social security number and statement information when making this type of payment.

Telephone/Internet Banking – Through this method of payment, financial transactions of the customers are conducted either by the phone or on a bank’s website.

Online – Considered as the quickest and the easiest method, KMF’s online payment system is also made available for its customers.

Kia Motors Finance Bill Payments

You can create an online account on company’s website to make online payments through your credit/debit card.

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