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Huntsville utilities is a city owned utilities supplier, owned by the Huntsville city in Alabama. The organization actually serves three different systems – electricity, gas and water. Huntsville utilities was also the recipient of National community service award for the year 1996. Being a ‘Public utility’ Huntsville utilities is only answerable to the people they serve. Huntsville utilities purchase its electricity from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and use it in distribution in and around Madison County.

How to pay your Huntsville Utilities Bill Pay?

Huntsville utilities is always at the forefront in serving its customers. As a public utility company it also ensures that all the regulations are followed and its customers are provided the best bill payment mediums available. If you are a customer of Huntsville utilities, you may choose among the following medium of payments, for paying your electric bill – Auto payment of bill, Bill payment by phone, Bill payment by mail, Online Bill payment, Bill payment through western Union, Bill payment In-person, Bill payment at Drop Boxes.

Auto Payment of Bill: You can register for this facility by filling a form available on Huntsville utilities website and submitting it online or by sending a fax on – 256-535-1200. Once registered the electric bill amount would be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

Bill Payment by Phone: A customer can pay Huntsville utilities electric bill through phone. You need to call 256-535-1200, where an automated voice will guide you for paying your bill by using your Credit, Debit cards by entering the card details which include the PIN number.

Bill Payment by mail: A customer can pay Huntsville utilities bill by mail, by enclosing a check or Money order along with the bill stub. Self addressed return envelopes are available at Huntsville offices in Jordan Road or Spragins Street. You can also send the bill payment directly to –


Online Bill Payments: For paying your Huntsville utilities bill online, you will need to first register an account on Huntsville utilities website.

Huntsville Utilities Bill Pay register

Once the account is created, you can login to your account or directly visit the page and pay your bill by online transfer, Credit or Debit cards.

Huntsville Utilities Bill Pay

Bill payment through Western Union: Customers can pay their Huntsville utilities at multiple western union branches across the U.S. You will need to furnish your Huntsville utilities account details at the time of payment. This services is charge $1 by western union.

Bill Payment In-person: You can visit Huntsville utilities at three locations and pay your electric bill in-person. The addresses are –

1) Chase Office, 1145 Jordan Road, Huntsville, AL 35804;
2) Pulaski Pike Drive-Thru Payment Center, 1100 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35804;
3) Main Office, 112 Spragins St., Huntsville, AL 35804

Bill Payment at Drop Boxes: A customer of Huntsville utilities can drop their checks along with the bill stub at multiple drop boxes, located around Huntsville. The List of Drop box locations can be found by visiting the Huntsville utilities website.

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