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GCI  logoHistory – GCI is an Alaska based telecommunication company which provides voice and data communication services across the state. Running out of Anchorage, GCI (NASDAQ: GNCMA) is centered around the five most populous areas of Alaska: Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Kenai Peninsula and Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Founded in 1979, it has grown to be one of the US’ premier integrated telecommunication providers. It is often commended on its efforts to connect Alaska with the rest of the mainland, despite the geographical and topological drawbacks.

GCI Overview

GCI provides facilities-based phone services to its 144,000 local callers and 97,000 long-distance clients. It provides cable television service to more than 147,000 basic cable subscribers. It is also giving 138,000 plus customers, wireless services through a partnership with AT&T. More than 116,000 subscribers receive cable modem service from GCI alone.

GCI employs over 1,600 Alaskans and has recent annual revenues of $630 million. It has a major foothold in the state’s long-distance market (45%), and it is also Alaska’s largest internet service provider with cable modem, dedicated and wireless access. Cable modem service and digital cable service is available to almost all its subscribers. About 90% households of the state have subscribed to its cable service. Their telephone service is available through out 22 cities of the State earning it a 35% market share statewide. GCI has it own fiber optic, metropolitan area and satellite network facilities which connects it services to the other states of the US. This broadband network is the only one of its kind in the state of Alaska which allows them to offer customized service to the residents and commercial market of Alaska.

The company website allows its customers to login into their accounts and view usage and bills etc. and has separate tabs for all its services. TV schedules are also provided, and new and upcoming offers are provided on the home page.

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Services offered by GCI

Television – GCI delivers cable TV to approximately 3/4ths of Alaskan residents. It has elevated most of its network to digital cable and provides HD broadcasts in the state’s larger cities. GCI disseminates through a range of both analog and digital cable boxes and DVR devices. GCI has completely upgraded its Anchorage settlements to fully digital platform.

GCI also provides content to the Alaska Rural Communications Service, a state run satellite system, which in turn provides aerial transmission of commercial and public programming to 235 rural communities. Along with its DVR content, GCI offers its customers the freedom of Video on Demand, and in accordance with US broadcasting laws, provides staple services such as parental control.

Internet – GCI offers cable modem services to all major cities within Alaska with up to 22Mbits/sec down speed and 2Mbits/sec uploading speeds. In rural cities, GCI runs high speed cable modem services but makes use of satellite backhaul connection instead, as the cost to lay cable in these remote areas in absurdly non-profitable. In areas where it does not have a cable TV setup, it runs on lower bandwidth (56-512 kbit/s) wireless Internet access over a satellite backhaul.

Landline Telephony – GCI offers intrastate and interstate long-distance service in many Alaskan markets and not to mention its renowned local telephone service.GCI primarily contracts with the incumbent local exchange carrier, Alaska Communications Systems, to provide the local loop from GCI’s switches to customers.

GCI also offers legacy as well as Cisco VoIP telephony for many customers, including the state government of Alaska. It offers cost-effective rates to its customers.

Wireless Telephone – Apart from landline connectivity, customers can also benefit from wireless comfort. As per agreement Dobson Communications Systems provides TDMA and GSM cellular service under the Cellular One brand. GCI previously sold GSM cellular service under its own name while providing Dobson with the back-end network infrastructure. The service is attracting more and more subscribers and GCI is hoping to find a new niche in a competitive market. Taking its cue from other states in the US, Alaska is also venturing towards 4G LTE Networks. There is no doubt that in the foreseeable future, 4G compatibility will be available seamlessly in the state.


ConnectMD – GCI ConnectMD handles the chief medical network in the Pacific Northwest. They provide round the clock communiqué with healthcare experts spread across 200 medical organizations and partners.

SchoolAccess – GCI SchoolAcess continually takes leaps to advance strong education infrastructure in rural and underdeveloped communities. They have approached education holistically, by delivering on the promise of the latest available technologies and resources to make learning easy not only for the students and teachers but the administrators and parents all in a synergized ambience.

For more information contact:

GCI (Cable payments)
P.O. Box 196609
Anchorage, AK 99519-6609


GCI (Internet and residential phone)
P.O. Box 99016
Anchorage, AK 99509-9016


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