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GCI Bill Payment Methods

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Alaska’s largest data communication service provider is not going to let its customers down whether it is about providing top of the line services or making their life easy with convenient bill payment options. GCI has eased the process of paying bills through online payment facility. Following are the methods by which you can pay your GCI bill:

GCI Bill Pay Options

Auto-Bill pay: With the auto pay feature you can set yourself free off the hassle of making bill payments every month. Just register once and you are free! The payments will than be automatically deduced from your account. You can register for auto pay following this link. You’ll need to enter your GCI account number and billing name on your account. In case you don’t remember your GCI account number, it can be found by three different ways:

  • Check the paper invoice attached with the bill.
  • It is available on your online account
  • Call up customer service and ask them to guide you accordingly

GCI Bill Pay register

Having registered, you need to set up a few details like password, bank account number, credit card number etc. After that, it is simply a matter of setting a pay schedule for monthly deductions from either your bank balance or your credit balance, depending on which method of payment is preferred.

GCI Bill Pay

An online account also allows users to review their online statements, view call usage and billing status. Any payment made online is instantaneous and your account status is updated.

Payment by phone: For those customers who prefer offline payments, GCI has provided the on-call payment. Customers can dial 1-800-800-4800, which a toll free number available nationwide. Voice prompts will then guide customers to the payment section, where they can pay with either their checking account or their credit card. Customers are advised to wait for a while before checking their account status after payments, since it takes a bit of time for the payment to be posted.

Payment by mail: You can also make payment using the old-fashioned way of posting payments to the respective office. Make sure that you post the payments a day or two in advance of the due date, so that ample time is available for the processing of the fee.

GCI (Cable payments)
P.O. Box 196609
Anchorage, AK 99519-6609


GCI (Internet and residential phone)
P.O. Box 99016
Anchorage, AK 99509-9016

Payment in person: Customers are also quite welcome to pay in person at the local GCI stores. In case you want to do so after working hours, the drop box can be used. However, adequate details should be added to the payment like your GCI account number and name. The account status is updated as soon the payment is received and goes through the clearance process.


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