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What is the worst thing to experience when you go for online shopping? No doubt Loosing connection and insufficient balance are big the heartbreakers but what tops the chart is finding that the website does not accept your credit card or the mode of payment you want to pay through. It happens with a number of websites; however, GAP bill payment procedure is comparatively more flexible and supports all the major credit cards available. One more important thing is the safety aspect which fortunately GAP has done enough to take care of.

GAP Bill Payment Services

Given that there are two modes of buying any product from GAP, you can either do it from their online store or from their retail outlets, their billing and payment procedure supports online and in person bill payment methods.

Online Payment: To avail the online bill payment option, you first need to log-in to your account on the website

eBill Gap Credit Card Payment

Once your credentials are verified, you can then move on to select the clothes or accessories of your choice from the wide range available. If you’ve not registered yet, do so as shown below.

eBill Gap Credit Card Payment register

At the “make your payment” section, you can select your preferred credit card. GAP offers its own credit cards for the customers and it also allows all the major credit cards under the norms of US federal bodies.

Using the GAP credit cards may get you rewards and bonus points that will assist you in your GAP purchases in the future.

All the transaction done at GAP online bill payments is through a reliable and secured connection thus ensuring your safety and security.

Payments can also be made through gift cards and the points accumulated by shopping through your GAP credit card or any of its affiliate brands. To purchase using the gift card, all you need to do is to enter your GAP gift card number at the time of checkout, similarly you can enter your 12 digit reward code at the time of checkout for making payments through reward card. Payments can even be made using a mix of these methods. If you have a promotion code, use the first, followed by reward and gift cards. If their is still some balance remaining it can be paid with the credit card.

Offline Billing: If you are buying your GAP accessories or clothes from a company retail store, you can make your payments in such case in person, directly to the staff at the respective GAP store.

For the Offline bill payment, a user can choose to pay either in cash or through credit cards.

All GAP credit cards and other banks credit cards are acceptable at the GAP retail stores.

You can take the help of the staff members at these GAP stores during your offline purchase for any assistance or help regarding your GAP account or GAP credit cards.

For more information contact them at:

San Francisco
2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

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