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Charter Communications logoCharter communication is an American Communication service provider. It offers telephone services, high speed internet and cable television services to over 6.8 million customers in 29 states across US. Charter is the fourth largest cable operator in United States after Comcast, Time Warner and Cox. It is also the 10th largest provider of telephone services in the country.

Charter Products and Services

Charter TV – Television is the most important inventions of modern science. It is the most updating means of communications, in this century of globalization. The whole world can be known, judged and contemplated by live telecast of the news of science, inventions, politics, sports and other important events; TV also plays a vital role in introducing us to whole world’s civilization, culture, recreation, weather, trades and commerce, and sports.

TV has widened the horizon of communicating news to the general masses from one corner to another in lucid way through satellite channels, making this whole world a global village. Charter Communications takes up the responsibility of presenting us with the best featured TV to our customers. The goal of charter is to deliver a TV without any boundaries therefore there is something for everyone without prejudices. Charter communication gives us access to over 200+ channels including FREE HD, coverage of 10,000+ Movies, Shows On Demand, and “TV on to go” with mobile devices.

Charter Internet Service: According to World Statistics as of December 31, 2011 there is an estimate of 2,267,233,742 Internet users worldwide. This makes 32.7% of the world’s population as internet users.

Unlike online services, the Internet is decentralized by design, each internet operator can choose which Internet services to use and which local service to make available to the global Internet community. There are numerous ways to access the Internet. Charter. Inc connects people through its remarkable services with free internet modem facility; they also offer a unique feature of automatic detection of hackers, viruses, and spam and parent lock with three level security with their security suite. Charter offers more bandwidth to support multiple devices at a time and download speeds of up to 30 Mbps and 10x faster than DSL. Charter also offers Wifi services with superior speed and ranges. The Wifi modem comes with 24×7 technical support and free replacement of the modem, in case of any damage.

Charter Telephone Services: When it comes to long hours of talking, Charter business voice service brings the exclusive and reasonable rates of unlimited local and long distance calls for their customers. Charter services facilitate their customers, with no boundaries of time and space, whether the call is to United States, to Canada or to any place.

One can subscribe for this service as shown below.

Charter Products and Services registerIf you’re registered all you need to do is log in and choose the service you want to subscribe

Charter Products and Services

Charter Telephone Services include:

  • Unlimited local and long distance calls to US, Puerto Rico, Canada and the US Virgin Islands.
  • 24/7 customer service at your door.
  • 24 switching lines promised.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Key international call features:
  • Non-Arguable international rates that can be used at home or on the road
  • No monthly plan fees
  • Can be used for remote access 800 numbers so our customers can enjoy the same great rates anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada or the U.S. Virgin Islands — just like a calling card
  • No long authorization codes to punch in

Some of the many features that make charter telephone services unique include:

  • Unlimited local and long distance calls, with lesser billings.
  • Professional Installation.
  • Can be activated on your business numbers, already in use.
  • Provides 20 extra business features, on same payable rates.
  • Web portal to facilitate call management capabilities.
  • A battery backup is offered, in case of power failures.

Charter services out stand, whenever it comes to communication through Internet, TV and telephone services, hence facilitating people with its brilliant features offered. Their bundle offers, on demand TV and TV apps are the features that distinguish it from other communication service providers. For more information one can inquire by writing a mail to the following addresses:

P.O. Box 742616,
Cincinnati, Ohio

P.O. Box 60229,
Los Angeles, California

P.O. Box 60188,
Los Angeles, California

P.O. Box 60588,
Los Angeles, California

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