IGS Energy Dynowatt, Texas Bill Payment Reviews

IGS Energy Dynowatt logoIGS Energy which has been known since 1989 for providing energy resources manages Dynowatt Utility services. IGS Energy is the USA’s biggest retail energy providers. ISG operates on the belief that their customers deserve choices for their utility providers. IGS manages energy solutions for several states including Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Texas and more. Dynowatt’s partnership with IGS insures that all of their utility customers enjoy electric and fuel resources at the best cost for their budget. Our customers have choices; choices help keep costs their costs lower so that they can pass the savings on to the utility consumer.

IGS Energy Dynowatt, Texas Bill Pay Options

Dynowatt customers can manage their energy bill accounts on the IGS web site for many options to pay your utility bill. Customers may choose to pay their bills online, by phone or by US mail. Just look up your location on the IGS webpage to find options specific to your area. IGS and Dynowatt give their customers many options to maintain and pay their utility bills.

Pay by Phone: Pay your Dynowatt utility bill by simply picking up the phone. Follow the prompts to pay your bill. Always have your account number and payment method ready to enter for proper payment credit. Paying your bill is easy when you pay by phone.

Pay Online: You can pay your Dynowatt bill online at the IGS customer service web site. Go to their site and create your utility service account profile.

IGS Energy Dynowatt, Texas Bill Pay register

Once your account is set up and verified, you will be able to keep an eye on your account and pay your balance at any time by simply logging  on to your account.

IGS Energy Dynowatt, Texas Bill Pay

Automatic bank draft: Dynowatt offers automatic withdraw of your utility from your checking or savings account. Your payment will be taken from your chosen account automatically every month. To enroll is simple, go to the IGS web page and provide the appropriate information for IGS to automatically debit your account. This process does take a few weeks to complete the authority process. Please choose another payment option until notified that the transaction is complete and activated.

Visit a Payment Location: For customers who prefer to pay in person, simply visit the IGS site or call Dynowatt to locate the nearest payment center. We will be happy to see you when you pay your bill with us. Be sure to ask for drop box, pay agents and kiosks that may be more convenient. Be sure to visit before your bill is due as it may take a few days to post to your account.

Pay by E-Check: When signing up for your online account another option will be available to you for paying your bill. Once in your account management area, you can elect to use an E-check. This is perfect for those who do not have a credit or debit card. This service is available all day, every day for customers to pay their bills at any time.

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