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Belk departmental store is an internationally acclaimed shopping outlet where thousands of people shop everyday. The store deals in a number of items and also allows customers to avail discounts and low cost offers. These offers can be availed at the departmental store by personally visiting the store or even online on the Belk website.

Belk’s website is a comprehensively developed e-commerce website where customers can purchase anything they want and pay for it online since the website is transactional as well. The website has a user-friendly interface where customers just add everything they wish to purchase in a shopping cart and check out when they are done. They also have a number of ways to pay for their purchases from the Belk departmental store.

Belk Credit Card Payment Options

If customers make a purchase from the store, following are the available options for bill payments for them:

Cash for Walk-In Customers: Customers who make purchases in-person can pay in cash. This facility is only available for customers who prefer to make purchases by going to the store and cannot be used by customers who purchase items from Belk online.

Credit Cards for Walk-In Customers: Customers who make purchases by visiting the store, can also use their credit cards to make payments. This option is also available for online payments where further information is given below.

Credit/Debit Cards for Online Customers: Customers who use the online shopping portal to make purchases can pay by using their credit or debit cards. The accepted credit card include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Credit or debit cards are the most convenient and secure way to shop for goods online since a financial institution or a bank is involved which verifies the transaction before releasing the payment. This way a customer is safe and can easily make purchases by registering on the Belk website: register

Belk Rewards Credit Card for Online and Walk-In Customers: Belk Rewards Credit Card can be used for online and walk-in customers. This card is exclusively provided to regular Belk shoppers and ensures that customers are able to use up discounts and other benefits from the rewards card. The Rewards credit card can be applied for online which has a simple process. Once the application goes through, customers receive their cards in the mail and can start using them after they are activated. The billing options and details can be checked online on this link: after customers log in. login

Details such as billing history, points collected and other important information can be accessed.

Prepaid Belk Gift Cards for Walk-in and Online Customers: Payments can also be made using the gift cards. Gift cards are generally presented to loved ones as gifts so that they can use them to buy anything of their choice online. Prepaid Belk gift Cards have had a huge success amongst customers who like to give their loved ones gifts every now and then. They are easy to use and can be used in person or online.

Pay through the mail: Customers can also send their payment using the address below.

P.O. Box 960012
Orlando, FL 32896-0012

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