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Atlantic City Electric Credit Card Payment

Atlantic City Electric logoAtlantic City Electric is an electric utility providing transmission and distribution of electric services. Committed to giving high quality and excellent services, this electric service provider delivers to 547,000 homes and spans a coverage area of eight counties in a responsible manner guaranteeing safety of the general public. More and more customers are putting this company in charge of their electric needs and it’s proving to be one of the best energy providers as it slowly rises up the ladders of victory.

Atlantic City Electric Bill Pay Options

Atlantic City Electric offers a vast number of ways to pay the electric bills depending on what one prefers. There’s the option of Auto pay, credit card, payment by phone, by mail, start and stop service and even in person payments. So whichever walk of life you come from or live in, be sure that paying your bills won’t be a problem for the moment or in future.

Paying online: To pay online, all that’s required is creating an account at

Atlantic City Electric Bill Pay register

You will then be able to view your historical transactions and make your payments from the click of a button after logging into the system.

Atlantic City Electric Bill Pay

A paper bill will be sent to you via mail but you can also choose to stop this service by ticking the checkbox that you no longer require a bill in the mail. You will then automatically receive emails with the amount to pay together with the due date.

Paying your bill by phone: Payment can also be made by just calling the center. The funds can simply be electronically transferred from the bank at the caller’s request by simply having to dial 1-800-642-3780. So if you’re the kind of person who solving issues on phone, then this is the solution for you. It’s also possible to pay the bill through phone directly using your credit card, all there is to it is calling 1-800-642-3780 either by phone or skype and the customer service will lead you through the process. It is also worth noting that an extra Western Union speedfee will apply.

Paying in person: If you are out and about and really appreciate the feel of hard cash in your arms, you can be among the people that pay directly to designated stores. There is a list of locations at our website and you can easily confirm the presence of areas closest to you by browsing the available locations. In addition to the designated stores, the list includes pharmacies, and even banks.

Any questions present concerning this method of payment can be handled by our Customer Care Center, just call 1-800-642-3780

Mail payment: There is also the mailing service where you can send your money or check to the following address.

Atlantic City Electric
Postal Office Box No 13610
Philadelphia PA 19101-3610

Automatic payment:  This service allows the amount to be automatically deducted from the user’s account and relieves one the continual stress of forgetting to pay and rushing up during last minute risking disconnection. The billed amount is automatically taken care of without you lifting even a finger.

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